You know very well that chocolate or cheese pairs perfectly with wine and BBQ nicely pairs with cold beer. But, what do you say about cheese and tea? Experts say that tea can be a good drink when paired with cheese, though some people do not like this combo.

Why Tea And Cheese Pairing Can Be Good?

Well, there are people who think that tea is a drink for the rainy days. But, let me tell you this beverage has versatile character – it is often referred to as “chameleon of beverages”. Different blends have different personalities, diverse abilities of eliciting moods, suiting varied occasions and can, at times, be as beautiful as whiskey or wine.

Tea and wine is quite similar and hence, rich, creamy, sweet, or spicy cheese is a wonderful treat with this beverage. This drink helps to enrich the flavor of cheese. You have to choose the cheese according to the brew you are planning to drink.

Black blends have high tannins and hence, strong cheese will perfectly match a cup of black brew. Fruity and malty taste of Assam black tea will enhance the flavor nutty semi-sweet cheeses. Again, Darjeeling black tea are delicate and have a bright clean finishing. This tea will be complete with creamy texture French cheese, Brie.

Green teas have bright flavor with citrusy, vegetal or grassy note. This lively blend matches well with light creamy cheese. For instance, you must have heard of Midnight Jasmine. This green brew is naturally flavored and the delicate note of jasmine. It is a floral sweet green tea that pairs well with creamy rich cheese having subtle flavor.

On the other side of the spectrum is the Pu-erh, a unique blend from China. This brew has a rich earthy flavor and pairs perfectly with earthy, nutty cheese and also with sweet hard ones.

Cheese provides a wonderful balance to the astringent taste of teas. Again, hot tea works great in driving the underlying flavor of cheese, which you might not experience with cold drinks.

There is no rule! These are only suggestions, one can always experiment different variants of teas and cheese combos. Try out the flavors that complement each other.  What one has to keep in mind is that both tea and cheese should not overwhelm each other; instead they should enhance each other’s flavor.

Pairing cheese and tea is like an adventure! Want to try some combo? Go with the cheese locally available…

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