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Just like the lush green mountain slopes are the seats of heavenly tea plantations, offering the fresh and pure supply of teas straight to your cups from the estates, our journey at Jay Shree since 1945 is a mark of regal essence itself. Our pride is our list of global and local customers, true tea enthusiasts who have cemented the relationship with us for long, knowingly and unknowingly, because as the 2nd largest tea manufacturer and supplier in India with sprawling 27 tea estates at present, there is Jay Shree in almost every cuppa that one sips in!

The strong force behind the foundation of Jay Shree has been true thinkers, certified tea tasters who have that affinity for something divinely pure, richly aromatic and has enabled innumerable customers to have a true feeling of black tea, green tea and more in our truly refined, innovative and culturally-rich tea boutique. The matchless tea estate managers with their endless endeavours and skills have made the dreams of Birla Group successful to be the giant in the industry to get a real shape. The dynamic force working; from tea-pluckers plucking the fresh leaves with delicate tips to the well-equipped management team, have helped Jay Shree Tea to make it really big and last for long outdoing all the new comers who did shout out loud about premium tea quality, but couldn’t stand the test of time!

We have made our mark and are still raring to go as sky is the limit when it comes to our manufacturing and wholesale mode of business functioning and serving tea aficionados in the true sense. We want that same zest and business acuity to be injected in our retail business model. Whether you want to go the Darjeeling or Assam way, pick black or green tea, root for organic tea or when in need of some special gift box, we have offers to pamper you. Feel the exclusivity when we do the tea-trade-talk with you! Once you shake hands with us, it is no looking back, but beginning a success story with no ending….

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