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Creators of an exquisite array of amber elixir, we at Jay Shree tea have been synonymous with Luxury Tea in the Wholesale Tea market for close to 70 years. Formed on 27th October, 1945, Jay Shree is a diversified conglomerate of the well known Birla empire. Having enticed the Wholesale Tea Market with our premium tea for 7 Decades, we are now primed to entice connoisseurs with aromatic and de tote beaute beverages that compliment the decadence of luxury living, drawing haute connoisseurs to its aromatic and amber murky depths of opulence. Our creations not only impart a range of unique flavours that play with the taste buds but also tantalise the palate and introduces gourmands to a whole new world of flavours and sensations.

What sets our endeavours at Jay Shree apart is our personal dedication towards quality control when it comes to the merchandise that is grown at our estates. The 2nd Largest tea producer in India, Jay Shree’s expansive gardens produce some of the finest beverage in the world. The proud owner of lavish tea estates, including the historical Puttabong —the first tea garden in India — we, at Jay Shree also boast of having tea gardens in every tea producing region within India’s generous boundaries. The leaves that are produced in these various estates go on to become some of the finest hand crafted golden liquid that offer a quintessential essence of elegance and grandeur that symbolise a high living and decadence akin to royalty delivered right to your doorstep.

From the misty rolling mountains of Darjeeling, fresh dewy tea shrubs start their mornings. The taste of the mountain soil and the thin crisp air entwines with the plant' lives and infuse them with the captivating aroma and flavour that sets them apart. Jay Shree Tea makes sure you don't lose out on any tiny fragrant of this whole experience. So, they take the utmost care in preserving every detail from the garden, to your teacup. Set in exquisite packages, the creation speak volumes about India’s rich cultural diversity set in modest hues, while containing scintillating leaves that have been moulded to perfection. The parcels are a perfect representation of the serenity that a cup of Jay Shree tea encompasses.

At Jay Shree we believe in catering to a high end clientele who can appreciate the fine crafts that the estates produce. An institution in itself that boasts of having the Indian royalty in business as its initiators, tasters at Jay Shree carefully taste and select the finest blends to go into the market for select clientele and serious tea enthusiasts who can savour and cherish the elegance that we have come to symbolise. What makes our creations stand out is the complete elimination of the middlemen. With our boutique like treatment, our produce reaches the connoisseurs doorstep right after harvest and processing, Fresh and Straight from the Garden. With exports that range to over 40 Countries across the globe, the Darjeeling Tea Gardens of Jay Shree are some of the most sought after Tea estates in India that are known for their beautiful, aromatic and elegant produce. Our attempt at reaching out to aficionados directly remains unmatched by any other concern in the market at present, giving connoisseurs premium tea at the best price

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With intent of giving our patrons the best quality premium blends there is to offer, our endeavours at quality control offer assurance and find emphasis in the various certifications that we have under our belt. The Darjeeling gardens of Jay Shree are Fairtrade Certified where the producers share in the benefits of trade with the workers/ pluckers. The gardens are certified under the Rainforest Alliance, The Japanese Agricultural Standards (standards for the agriculture industry maintained by the Japanese Government), The Ethical Tea Partnership (aiming to improve the sustainability of the tea industry), USDA Organic certification (verifies that farm or handling facility located anywhere in the world complies with the United States Department of Agriculture organic), India Organic (certification mark for organically farmed food products manufactured in India) and UTZ Certification (sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers) as well. These recognitions only go on to emphasise upon our dedication in doling out perfection for our patrons.

A life filled within the monotony of green leaves is more than what meets the eye. From the gentle swaying of the shrubs to the rolling in of the misty mornings, to growling panthers roaming at night or gentle fawns crouching behind tea bushels, the intricate stories that pour forth from the mouths of the gentle hill folk, who pluck the tea leaves (three apical leaves at a time) has a strange mesmerising synergy to it that can baffle ordinary senses. An elegant drink with humble beginnings, the tea produced at the estates of Jay Shree is not just a beverage but rather an experience. As the celebrated Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky had once written, “I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea,” a cup of Jay Shree brew offers to patrons a picturesque experience in golden hues in varied tones.

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