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Indian origin teas from Jay Shree Tea, such as Darjeeling, Assam, Dooars and Cachar, have carved a special place in the global HoReCa business, captivating tea enthusiasts. Renowned for their unique flavours and distinctive characteristics, these teas offer the patrons of HoReCa establishments an authentic taste of India's diverse tea culture.

Jay Shree Tea for Hotels and Resorts

Impress your guests with our thoughtfully curated selection of loose or pre-portioned teas. Pair them with delectable dishes or add as a complementary offering. With us, your patrons are bound to find the experience unforgettable, any time of the day

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Jay Shree Tea for Restaurants

Discover the perfect tea programme for your dining establishment, whether you offer a buffet or table service. Our versatile programmes can be customised for different group-sizes, choices and requirements. Whichever be the modus operandi of your establishment, our solutions have you covered.

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Jay Shree Tea for Cafés

The contemporary café culture has made tea the chosen beverage of a whole new generation. Irrespective of your operating hours, or style, our tea will pair exceptionally well with your culinary spread, enhancing the experience manifold.

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Why Partner with Jay Shree Tea?

Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd, a Birla Enterprise, is one of the leading producers of quality Indian teas. With 77+ years of experience and ownership of 17 globally certified tea estates in Darjeeling, Assam, Dooars and Cachar, we have earned international recognition for our commitment to quality, consistency and exceptional after-sales services.

From Our Gardens to the world

Jay Shree Tea & Industries was founded by Basant Kumar Birla in 1945.

Owns 17 tea estates across Darjeeling, Assam, Cachar and Dooars

Jay Shree Tea exports tea to more than 45 countries

Internationally certified in organic production, fair trade, rainforest alliance and sustainability

Has a ‘direct to consumer’ vision, assuring freshness, quality and consistency

Provides offers on all Indian teas, be it a custom chai blend or a single-estate Darjeeling

Has a wide assortment of green, white, black, oolong and naturally flavoured teas by Master Blenders

Offers loose leaf and a wide range of packet teas under brand names Bagicha, Puttabong and Birla Tea. These are further available in various leaf grades and teabag denominations

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Our Tea Range

Discover the rich world of Indian tea with Jay Shree Tea. We offer a diverse selection from Green, White, Black to Oolong teas, sourced from different elevations and flushes. Enjoy the art of tea-making with our loose leaf and packet teas, available under popular brands like Bagicha, Puttabong, and Birla Tea. Whether you seek a Custom Chai Blend or a luxurious Single Estate Darjeeling, we have something for everyone's taste and budget. Also, indulge in naturally flavoured teas and tisanes crafted by our Master Blenders.

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“Perfection in a tea cup is what we achieve here at Jay shree tea”

Basant Kumar Birla, Founder Jay Shree Tea

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