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Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling, a historical town set against the backdrop of Himalayas, is famous for teas enthralling both connoisseurs and casual tea lovers across the world. Famous Darjeeling tea has all varieties - black , oolong, green and white

Experience the rich legacy & unparalleled taste of Jay Shree tea, a part of Birla group that owns the best tea gardens in Darjeeling and is in this trade since many decades. All Darjeeling teas - first & second flush are purely organic and complies to international quality certifications like USDA , Rainforest Alliance, Fair trade, IMO, India Organic, etc.

Our best Darjeeling teas are produced at an elevation of 2500-5000 feet, where the air is cold, rainfall is ample, the sun is temperate and the soil is sandy-loamy. When you are buying Darjeeling teas from us, you’re choosing one of world’s finest teas guaranteed to give you an exclusive taste.

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