How season of plucking affects the quality of tea

Teas are defined by different types -- black tea, white tea, oolong tea and green tea.  They are also classified by the region they were grown, such as Darjeeling, Assam or Nilgiris. Another factor that determines the type of tea is the time of the year when the leaves are plucked. Flush refers to the plucking of a tea plant's harvest. Here we share with you some useful insights on types of tea flushes: 


How does plucking affect the quality of tea? 

Plucking season has a massive impact on tea quality as most of the tea-growing regions do not get rainfall throughout the year. That makes good quality tea a seasonal product. Each flush has its own distinct taste, colour and aroma. 


  • Spring First Flush Tea

First flush is the very first plucking of early leaves of the harvest during the spring season. As the leaves are delicate and tender, they give the tea light, floral and fresh flavour. The first flush for Assam tea is relatively short. It starts in early March. For Darjeeling tea, the first flush season starts as early as February and lasts through April. To retain the fresh flavour, first flush teas are generally less oxidised during processing.  Darjeeling first flush tea is often called the Champagne of Teas and is often quite expensive. 


  • Summer Second Flush

The leaves of summer second flush teas are picked during May or June. The leaves are larger and more mature. These leaves give the tea a stronger yet smoother flavour. The second flush teas have a distinctly strong and fruity flavour and that’s why they are often enjoyed with tea cakes, cookies and sandwiches.  The hue of the second flush is darker than the first flush.


  • Monsoon Rain Flush

The Monsoon Flush tea is plucked from June or July till October. The rains and less amount of sunlight and heat result in a less nuanced flavour. The teas from this flush are ideal for masala chai and iced tea as they have a strong and robust taste. 


  • Autumnal Flush

This is the last flush of tea of the year and the plucking starts by the end of October, once the monsoon is over and the temperatures start to drop. The Autumnal flush tea is not as strong as summer tea. Following the autumn harvest, the gardens in Assam and Darjeeling go into dormancy and remain so until the first flush begins in the following spring. In the south, the Nilgiris produce teas throughout the year including autumn. 


Which flush is the best for you?

If you like milk tea, go for summer and monsoon flushes. If you love delicate tea, the first flush is ideal for you. For western-style brewing, the autumnal flush is the best. 


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