Wholesale tea suppliers provide tea to businesses and to customers. Often leading suppliers have tea estates or farms where they grow their own leaves. You need to check various factors before deciding to purchase from them. Here we share some questions that you must ask before selecting a wholesale tea supplier. 

  1. What types of tea do they offer?

Before proceeding further, you must ask the supplier what kind of teas they offer. From the different flushes to the various types of teas, there are several factors to consider when it comes to product variety. Commonly, suppliers stock green, black, Oolong, white, and organic teas. Selecting from a supplier who stores diverse options is always desirable since you would not need to source from a different supplier if a need arises in the future. 

    2. Do they have their own tea gardens and where are they located?

Usually, reputed wholesale tea suppliers have their own tea estates and the teas they offer are directly sourced from there. For instance, we have 19 tea gardens across, Dooars, Assam, Darjeeling, Nilgiris, and Cachar. 

   3. What are the minimum order quantities?

Most suppliers are very stringent when it comes to minimum order quantities. You must look for a wholesale supplier that allows you to customise order quantities. For instance, we do not have any minimum order quantities and allow you to customise orders as per your needs. This helps prevent excess inventory stocking.

  4.How to ensure tea quality?

There are several ways to verify the quality of teas provided by suppliers. Firstly, you can enquire about their quality control process. A streamlined and effective process ensures superior quality tea leaves. At Jay Shree Tea, we have the necessary skills and knowledge across all departments of tea harvesting and packaging. 

Apart from that, you must also check their certifications. For instance, look for certifications from organisations, such as USDA Organic, Rainforest Alliance, India Organic, and Japanese Agricultural Standards. We have the above-mentioned certifications as well as other certifications such as FSSAI, HACCP, ISO 9001:2015,  Ethical Tea Partnership, and more. 

    5.What are the shipping and logistic facilities they have?

You must check with a supplier regarding their shipping and delivery policies. Specifically, ask whether they have any added charges related to shipping the teas or not. We offer free shipping to all parts of India. However, to ensure speedy delivery, make sure you include the correct PIN code and postal address.

   6.Where to store the purchased teas?

In general, teas should be kept in a cool, dark and odourless environment. Some teas need to be vacuum sealed as well to maintain their integrity. However, reputed suppliers even offer storage solutions using warehousing facilities. For instance, we have tea warehousing facilities in Kolkata where we store teas the way they are meant to be stored.   

Looking for Assam Tea Online?

Whether you are looking for wholesale tea bag suppliers or packaged tea suppliers, you are sure to be impressed by our wide wholesale tea collection. We have several categories of teas available, including Green Tea, White Tea, Masala Tea, Black Tea, CTC Tea, Oolong Tea, Specialty Tea, and Organic Tea. We have 19 estates across the different regions in India known for tea growing and our products are exported to 45 countries. 

We are a part of the B K Birla conglomerate and we have been involved with tea plantation and harvest since 1945. Besides India, some of our estates for tea plantations are in East Africa. Today, our estates contribute to around 3% of India’s total tea cultivation.  Contact us to know more about us.