Who we are

tea leaf - Jay shree tea

Proud associates includes Girnar, Society Tea, Wagh Bakri, Tata and many more...

tea leaf - Jay shree tea

Producing 20 million kilos of tea/year

tea leaf - Jay shree tea

Part of the B. K. Birla business conglomerate since 1945

tea leaf - Jay shree tea

Over 19 tea gardens across Assam, Darjeeling, Dooars, Cachar and Nilgiris

tea leaf - Jay shree tea

One of the largest tea producers of India

tea leaf - Jay shree tea

One of the largest tea exporters with presence in USA, UK, Germany, Canada, France, Japan, China, Egypt, Iran, UAE, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan

Why Jay Shree Tea

Part of the B K Birla conglomerate, Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd has been planters of tea since 1945. With over 19 estates across all tea growing regions in India and East Africa, Jay Shree Tea is one of the largest producers of tea in the world and one of the leading exporters of tea in India.

End-to-end Knowhow

At Jay Shree Tea, we have the scale, knowledge, and facilities right from the plantation level, processing level, and packaging level right up to the shipping level. Even though we are constantly learning, one can say we know what we are doing at every step of making tea and getting it across.

Easy Private Labelling

Since we have over 7 decades of end-to-end know-how in making tea, private labeling and white labeling becomes a lot easier for us to offer. Since, we have the scale and technology, adjusting to the needs and demands of a Startup can be met as easily as that of an MNC.

Every Grade of Indian Tea

When it comes to the quality of a specified grade of Indian tea, we know no compromise and we pride ourselves in achieving and offering the best-in-class quality of the full range and grades of tea, whether it be Pekoe Dust from The Dooars, Broken Pekoe from Assam or FTGFOP from Darjeeling.

Economically Optimal

We can offer the best prices at varying client quantity needs because we are the ones who are making the tea. We also have the ability to meet and create quantities of specified teas if the client shares their budget well in advance.

Ecologically, Qualitatively, and Socially Certified

Jay Shree Tea has been exporting to over 45 countries, our teas and plantation practices are certified by leading national and international compliance bodies from India, The EU, Japan, and The US to name a few. To put it simply, as a buyer, your market expands manifold.

Earliest access to the produce

Since we are planters, there is no fresher way of sourcing tea. The chain of traceability is also therefore much shorter and simpler. Freshness is key in the business of tea and as one of the largest planters in India; we can offer freshness best to our clients.

Our Certifications

Tea of All Seasons

Spring First FlushBegins at mid February. Ends in early May. Summer Second FlushBegins at late May. Ends at mid July, Monsoon Rain FlushBegins at mid July. Ends at mid September. Autumnal FlushBegins at mid September. Ends at mid November.
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best tea manufacturers in india - Jay Shree Tea

Customize your requirement

All the teas of India under one roof. India’s only tea company with own estates in every tea growing area of the country. Variety of flavours and taste is available in Jay Shree’s basket, from its own gardens at different altitudes. We offer loose tea and packet tea which you can customize your requirement from our catalogue

Our Proud Associates


How does the Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd Wholesale program work?

The Wholesale Program at Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd is an empowering program for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to deal in any form of retail, private label or direct sales business that involves the trading of tea. As a leading wholesale tea supplier and one of the leading tea producers in the world, we can offer our wholesale partners the highest quality fresh teas of various grades, origins and types at the best prices.

What makes Jay Shree Tea different?

Firstly, our strongest suit is the extremely high standards of quality control. We hold multiple regularly audited global certifications. As a tea manufacturing company, we have complete control over every step of the production process. As a Birla enterprise of over 7 decades, our expertise is vast and we excell at traceable, sustainable and fair trade practices.

How do I become part of Jay Shree Wholesale?

Feel free to let us know about your intent or interest in joining the program. Please mention your requirements in terms of type of tea, grade, quantity and price range so that we can ship out the samples to you. Do let us know your complete postal address for the same. You can mail us directly at: [email protected] / [email protected] call us at: +91 7605081020 and +91 33 2282 7534

What is the minimum order amount?

Most wholesale tea suppliers have very rigid MOQs but we believe in being as flexible and accommodating to our partner needs as much as possible. Let us know your need first so that we can come up with a suitable solution.

How do I store my teas?

Tea keeps and stores best when kept in a dark, dry, cool and odourless environments. One can vaccuum seal their teas or keep them in traditional pinewood chests or in opaque glass/metal containers. Only the best wholesale tea suppliers may offer warehousing facilities like we do, where we keep your tea the way it's meant to be kept.

Can you ship to my location? How long will it take?

Jay Shree Tea regulary ships teas across the globe to every continent in the world. We are an Indian tea manufacturing company with warehousing in Kolkata so the duration of trnasit will depend on your choice of transport mode and the distance of your chosen destination from the city of Kolkata.

What are types of Tea Products do Jay Shree Tea Wholesale ?

Jay Shree Tea is proud to be leading producers of all types of tea of Indian origin. From different grades to flushes to regions; blends to single estate; loose leaf to several types of tea bags - our offerings can also be customised beyond the usual wide range of available types.

What other value addition services can Jayshree provide for you?

Other than supplying the tea(s), Jay Shree Tea can offer you design, print and packaging services. Jayshree tea can also get your tea(s) tested from accredited third party laboratories for nutritional values.

Contact Us

Feel free to let us know about your requirements in terms of type of tea, grade, quantity and price range so that we can ship out the samples to you. Do let us know your complete postal address for the same.

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