When you think about tea, the image that comes to your mind is that of a milk tea that has a brownish colour or green tea. However, there’s another variety that is gaining  popularity among seasoned tea lovers --- it is the white tea. If you’re new to drinking white and planning to buy white tea online, the following FAQs and their answers will come in handy.

Question 1: What is white tea? 

Just like other tea varieties, white tea comes from the same Camellia Sinensis plant. Even less than green tea, white tea is the least oxidised type of tea, making it one of the most delicate tea varieties. 

Question 2: What is special about white tea?

White tea is a special kind of tea as it is most commonly picked in early spring – the perfect time to get the silver needles. White teas are also made from other seasonal harvests. They are made from the buds and young tea leaves that are picked just before the buds have fully opened and are allowed to wither and dry. This results in a flavour characterised as "lighter" and often, more complex than green tea.

Question 3: Why do they call it white tea?

White tea is called white tea as young leaves and buds used to make it are covered in fine silvery white hairs to protect them. This is also referred to as bloom.

Question 4: How white tea is prepared?

  • Don’t use very hot water: White tea leaves are delicate - hence, do not use extremely hot water. Brew them at an optimum temperature, ideally 75 degrees Celsius.
  • Preheat your teapot: Pour boiling water in and remove it from the tea pot before placing the tea leaves. 
  • Use enough leaves: White tea leaves are much less dense than other tea types. Hence, use a good quantity of tea to enjoy the full white tea taste and experience. 

Question 5: Is white tea better than green tea?

Both green tea and white tea are rich in antioxidants. Both are among the least processed tea varieties. Green tea is likely to have a stronger flavour than white tea. So, the choice between the two depends on your taste and preference. 

Question 6: How many types of white tea are there? 

White teas can be classified into  the following types: 

  • Silver Needle
  • White Peony
  • Tribute Eyebrow
  • Noble
  • Long Life Eyebrow
  • Fujian New Craft 

Question 8: Where can I buy white tea online? 

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