Taking a tour to the Himalayan foothills is a dream come true for many, especially for those who love travelling. Travelling to the foothills of Himalaya and missing out Darjeeling??? It cannot be… Himalayan tea gardens, besides Darjeeling, have a special appeal to tourists from all over the world.

What is the specialty of the tea gardens of Himalayan regions?

  • Splendor of Himalayan region and tea gardens

The region has a beauty unique to itself and this attracts visitors from across the globe. The majestic mountain ranges together with the greenery of the surrounding nature are very beautiful and have a special attraction. This beauty is visible in the Himalayan tea gardens as well. Tea plantations contribute a lot to the lush green environment of this region.

The well planned estates are surrounded by Himalayan range all over and give them a splendid appearance. The tea plantations have a beauty of their own. The small bush plantations are organized in such a manner that you will love have a glimpse of them again and again.

  • Bio-dynamic teas

Globally famous tea gardens are located in Himalayan regions. Isn’t it? These estates produce varied kinds of blends depending on the time of harvest. In the estates of Himalayan regions, blends are harvested during different times of the year and this yields beverage of diverse flavors and types. Finest quality blends are produced in this region.

Time of harvest is referred to as “flush” and teas of different flushes taste different. You will be amazed to know that teas of the same plant and the same plantation can yield different flavors because of the difference in their harvesting time. This is a unique feature of the Himalayan tea gardens.

  • Tea processing with great care

In the tea gardens of Himalayan regions, production of the beverage takes place with utmost care. From plucking to processing of the blends, everything takes place under expert supervision of qualified tea managers. Each of the leaves is handpicked and the workers are also given additional protection so that the authentic flavor, aroma and essence of the teas are preserved in every pack. In every garden, teas undergo refined processing with advanced technology.

So, there is something in Himalayan tea estates that makes them of their kind. Everyone should witness the special features of these estates with their own eyes. Don’t you think that it is worth visiting the tea gardens?