When we think of an extravagantly beautiful hill station, the first name that comes to our mind is Darjeeling. Isn’t that so? Snowy peaks, picturesque landscape and the splendor of the place attract visitors from all corners of the world. Visiting Darjeeling is an experience that no one should miss in his lifetime. During monsoon, lush green tea gardens in Darjeeling slopes in the foothills of the Himalayas, chestnuts, maples, rhododendrons, birches and oak enhance the beauty of the place. Have you ever visited this hill station during monsoon? If no, then you should… Find out why. Visiting Darjeeling during Monsoon is a Great Idea Tourists usually crowd this beautiful place at the time of autumn and spring but, monsoon is also a good time for visitors. Monsoon in Darjeeling occurs in June and continues till September. During this time, a white blanket envelopes the hill town and it is foggy and misty everywhere. The scenic beauty is just picture perfect! Some tourists are of the opinion that Darjeeling is the perfect destination for touring in rainy season. Why is it so?
  • Darjeeling has plenty of lush greenery in its slopes. At the time of monsoon, this green environment becomes greener making the slopes and the whole town vibrant and livelier. It is full of life everywhere!
  • During monsoon time, the town remains at a tranquil state. There is not much hustling and bustling of tourists as many do not know how beautiful Darjeeling looks during rainy time.
What to do in Darjeeling at monsoon time? Here are some activities that one can indulge in the misty weather of monsoon.
  • Driving along Hill Cart Road you can experience the splendor of waterfalls like Paglajhora Falls, natural blooms and scenic beauty.
  • Enjoying a peaceful stroll along Mall Road you can satiate your eyes with the stunning beauty of the misty hills.
  • Wandering in the alluring tea gardens. Visit to Darjeeling is not complete without taking a walk along the slopes of beautiful tea plantations. Cool breeze of the misty environment will tickle the senses.
  • Enjoying the beauty of the mountains while riding the famous toy train of Darjeeling. Beauty is amplified at monsoon times and so, view of the Himalayas is more glorious and breathtaking. Toy train is the heritage of Darjeeling. You should not miss this marvelous experience!
So, next time plan a trip to Darjeeling at the time of monsoon… Posted by Plan D Media, the Best Digital Marketing Agency In Kolkata.