Darjeeling tea is just irresistible. It is just impossible to say NO to a cup of aromatic Darjeeling tea.  Don’t you agree with me? A cup of that golden liquor is not only invigorating but also kicks off the day in a fantastic manner. Now, there is not one tea garden in Darjeeling. It has a number of estates each of which yields premium blends of different types. Tea of each garden has its own unique characteristics.

How about taking a tour to the different tea estates of Darjeeling? Take a quick glimpse at the top 7 gardens.


  1. Puttabong

Puttabong Tea Estate is one of the largest estates in the Himalayan region of Darjeeling. This magnificent garden overlooking Mount Kanchenjunga is the first garden in Darjeeling Tea Plantation history. It is also the first estate that used pruning machine and traded tea for commercial purpose.

Organic green tea, organic black blends, silver tippy teas, handmade blends are some varieties of this beverage found in Puttabong. Perfect altitude, unique soil and clean mountain air in Puttabong produces the finest quality Darjeeling teas.

  1. Risheehat

This garden is famous for producing the best organic teas. Rainfall, perfect temperature, fertile and rich soil and steep land topography of this estate create a favorable atmosphere for the production of top rated organic Darjeeling blends. Risheehat is also known for muscatel flavor second flush Darjeeling teas. This beautiful garden produces oolong tea, organic green and black blends, silver tippy teas, hand rolled teas and so on.

  1. Sungma

Sungma and Turzum are amongst the beautiful tea gardens in Darjeeling. The garden not only focuses on tea plantations but also cultivation of hilly vegetables, floras and orchid. Organic black and green blends, tea flower, white tea, oolong teas, Clonal delight are its specialty.

  1. North Tukvar

This is a low altitude tea garden of Darjeeling yielding premium quality first flush blends. Clonal flowery teas and conventional black blends are grown in this garden. Quality of production in this estate is improving every year.

  1. Singbulli

This garden is beautifully spread across nine rolling hills. Singbulli also concentrates on organic production and offer certified products to all. Production of autumn tea, second flush blends, first flush teas and Clonal tea make it world famous.

  1. Balasun

Balasun tea estate has a panoramic view. It is known across the world for yielding excellent quality full-bodies teas having muscatel china flavor. Bright colorful blossoms decorate this estate during spring. China wonder, Darjeeling clonal teas and conventional black blends are varieties produced here.

  1. Happy Valley

If you are looking for a morning cup of ‘cha’, Happy Valley tea estate is the right place to visit. It is highly accessible to tourist. You will enjoy visiting this garden because you get a chance to witness actual tea manufacturing process in this garden. This estate uses orthodox method for tea manufacturing.

So, there you are! When you are in Darjeeling, you should not miss the chance of visiting at least a few of these tea gardens.