Crowded streets of this country give a clear picture of the value of tea to people. Early morning wandering in the streets you can smell the fragrance of brewing tea leaves. Chai wallahs pouring bubbling milk and brew into small tea cups is a common sight every morning. Those who know the art of brewing a perfect cup of tea also know that it requires a sense of sound, sight and touch.

Crafting an ideal cup differs from one individual to another.Some prefer extra milk and sweetness while others prefer adding only water. Now, there are multiple ways of brewing tea. Drinkers, who like to have sugar and milk with tea, have numerous tea variants. Let’s find out some…

Cutting Chai of Mumbai

Cutting Chai is famous in Mumbai and it is named so because it is very strong even though milk is added to it. Only half glass of this brew at a time is just sufficient. This is a modified version of masala chai and it is not served in cups but in cutting glasses. This brew contains other ingredients like cardamom, lemongrass, Tulsi, ginger and so on. All these condiments make the tea stronger than masala chai. A cup of Cutting Chai is flavorful, aromatic and has a wonderful blend of strength, spices, sugar and milk.

Tulsi Chai

Tulsi or basil leaf is a holy herb and when it is brewed with milk, it makes a delicious drink. Honey or sugar, milk and fresh basil leaves in tea makes it a stimulating drink. This brew can be prepared even without milk and morning is the best time to consume it. This brew acts more like a tonic and helps to produce gastric juices. Since Tulsi promotes digestion, this beverage can be consumed after meal.

Again, if Tulsi chai is blended with ginger and lemon, itacts as a perfect remedy to several diseases like pneumonia, asthma andbronchitis.

Kadak Masala Chai

Whatever may be the season, masala chai with special Indian flavors is an all-time favorite drink to many. Together with sugar and milk, this tea variant includes different spices like ginger, black pepper, cardamom,cinnamon, clove and so on. Only one cup and you get fuel for your day’s work. Moreover,this brew also has some advantages like ginger in this brew gives relief from cold and clears congested chests. So, these are a few varieties of teas that go well with sugar and milk.