Tea - the aromatic beverage that millions of people consume across the globe. It is also the second most popular beverage after water. Now, there are basically four kinds of tea blends – black, green, white and oolong. Each one of these has their distinct flavor profile, fragrance and taste. Some have nutty sweet tone, while others are bitter to taste while again, other variety has astringency in its taste. As there are different flavors, there are different kinds of drinkers too. Every drinker picks their brew according to their habit, taste and preference. All these drinkers are summarized under a few categories. Let’s take a look at those categories… Diverse Kinds of Tea Drinkers You Might not Know  
  • Drinkers preferring weak tea
White tea is the brew where less of tea leaves and more milk are used. Thus, the flavor of such liquor is neither strong nor prominent. They are often called “boiled milk” because of their color and lack of leaves.
  • Drinkers preferring strong blends
These drinkers prefer blends that are strongly brewed. They like to have tea with a little milk so that their strong flavor is not destroyed.
  • Drinkers having preference for black brews
This tea is taken without any milk or any creamer. Those who have a low budget on grocery can switch on to black teas.
  • Drinkers liking sweet teas
There are some people who like to make the tea taste sweet by adding sugar. They always demand for extra servings of sugar. They cannot drink this beverage when it is not sweet.
  • Drinkers who add milk at the beginning
This category of drinkers prefers adding milk first into the cup and then pouring black tea over it. This is certainly not the conventional method of preparing the brew. It is only another method to have a cup of golden liquor.
  • Drinkers liking to have some treat with their tea
There are some drinkers who do not like to have tea only. They like to have some snacks, biscuits or roasted nuts whenever they have tea.
  • Drinkers having no preference at all
This category of people is annoying and awesome simultaneously. Since they have no preference, they can be served anything. These drinkers are annoying because you might be in a fix as to what to serve them or how to make their brew. Do you fall in any of these categories? Well, there are other varieties of drinkers as well.