Are you feeling tired, experiencing bad sleep, headache or digestive problems? Are you feeling lethargic and sluggish? If this is so, then your body needs a detox!

What is detoxification?

Detoxification is the method of flushing off harmful toxins from the body that creates unhealthy feeling. It ensures that internal systems return to homeostasis state. Liver plays a significant role in removing toxins from body but green blend detox helps in the process. You will feel better at a much faster pace.

Functioning of Green Tea Detox

When we talk of green tea, we inevitably refer to Darjeeling green tea since no other green blends are of the premium quality as Darjeeling. This blend has high concentration of antioxidants that reduce oxidation. Now, what do you mean by oxidation? It is a chemical procedure by which free radicals are released in the body and, as you know, these free radicals can cause several illness and diseases.

Being rich in antioxidants, Darjeeling green brew has so many health benefits. They combat the impacts of free radicals and enable internal organs to function efficiently. This is effective especially when it is about liver. In addition to this, green blends help in increasing enzyme activity in liver, which, in turn, prevents any kind of damage to liver and stimulate detoxification process.

 Moreover, Darjeeling green tea is a very mild stimulant and pretty hydrating because of its low caffeine content. In other words, green blend encourages healthy digestion and cleans up the system.

Ways to Perform Green Tea Detox

Cleansing with Darjeeling green blend is easy. You should not suddenly start fasting or drastically reduce food intake. Instead, combine green brew detox with nutritious and healthy diet and a little bit of exercise to get the best results of cleansing.

Include a few cups of Darjeeling green tea in your diet and let this healthy beverage spell its magic all round the day. That’s it! You are sure to experience some difference within some days. To have optimum result, you should consume green brew regularly for a number of weeks. You can follow this routine several times a year or whenever you feel sluggish.

However, to reap the greatest benefit of Darjeeling green tea detox -

  • Buy only premium quality green blend from some reputable company
  • Steep properly - Remember not to over-steep the tea or steep green brew in boiling water.
  • Consume properly - don’t rush, sip green brew slowly.    

So, try green tea detox and see how soothing and refreshing it feels.