Quality Assurance

When it comes to quality of tea produced and offered to esteemed clients, we never do a run-of-the-mill job, but specialize in offering only the freshest and purest tea to the end customers. We do not shout out loud that we sell premium quality products, but we breathe trust and professionalism and our rich cultural heritage, pre-independence roots show how we have built trust, cemented professional relationship with our innumerable clients since 1945.

Being the second largest tea manufacturer in India, our USP is that we not only go for strict quality check with the active assistance of our skilled estate managers, tea testers, we bring to you 100% certified products and create our own benchmark. We believe in offering you the freshest tea and from the time tea-pluckers get busy in the different seasons, we get geared up to let the pure products reach you with no middlemen coming in between. We know how tea aficionados all over the world are very fussy about the quality and taste of teas and we never resort to any kind of experimentation, adulteration or go haywire, diluting the fineness of the tea that is fresh from our gardens.

We strive hard to live up to your expectations and our quality of tea will always match your expectations, if not bowling you over. We do not aim to give a jolt to your pocket, but our products that come with a higher price tag are an embodiment of rarity, purity and what you read in the labels, you get exactly that, justifying its price. It becomes a matchless affair for us when we talk about offering cent percent pure quality of the products! One sip into a cup of heavenly drops will make you understand that it's a worthy investment that you make . When you shake hands with JayShree Tea, it is an experience that you get to live and you become a part of our family never to leave us, but cement the bond further over decades and decades!

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