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Second Flush Risheehat Organic Wholeleaf Green Tea

Flush Wise: First Flush, Liquor- Bright Sweet With Nice First Flush Character. Improves Circulatory Health, Promotes a Healthy Immune System, Relieves Tension , Enhances Stamina , stimulates & Revitalizes , Enhances Respiratory function.

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    Being organic, this tea variant has several health and therapeutic benefits. Furthermore, being planted, harvested and processed in the Risheehat Tea Gardens, this tea variety is known for its exquisite quality, great taste and the light flavor that isn’t pungent nor bland. The tea estate name that is Risheehaat means “the home for saints” is also popularly called the “Champagne of Tea”, owing to its exotic aroma and refined flavor. Established by the British Planters back in the 19 th century, this tea garden harvests the organic wholeleaf green tea during the second flush season, starting from June to November and that is known to be the best sellers in the market shelves. This tea variant owing to its second flush harvest months known as Summer Tea! Over the years the garden has been maintained and extra care today is taken in smart ways so that the tea garden maintains its authentic nature and yet churns out the best breed of organic wholeleaf green tea.

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    Tasting Note

    The Darjeeling Risheehat Second flush organic whole leaf tea has a refreshing flavor and stylish wiry leaf with some silver tips. The tea has bright infusion with second flush character and a delicate aroma. It is known as the ‘champagne of tea Leaf – The leaves come in a wiry pattern, look stylish and have an even size. Infusion – Has a pleasing nose and a vibrant hue of green. Liquor – The essence is typically second flush and it takes on a fuller cup.

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    About Garden

    Situated in one the most stunning valley the popular Risheehat Tea Estate is well known for planting the best organic teas. This tea estate got established back in the middle 19th century. This estate was locally called the “TseringBagan” because of a local tribe population of the same name. Acquired by Jay Shree Tea since 1955, Risheehat produces over 180 tons every year of bio-organic teas. The tea estate is further divided into Liza Hill and Rishihat main division.

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    Brewing Instruction

    • (1) Begin with filtered or bottled water.
    • (2) Heat water to a boil.Put in 2.5 to 3 gms of tea for every cup of water.
    • (3) Let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes
    • (4) Pour into a cup through a strainer.
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