Darjeeling Sungma Organic Whole Leaf Black Tea 100gm

Flush Wise: First Flush, Liquor- Bright Sweet With Nice First Flush Character. Improves Circulatory Health, Promotes a Healthy Immune System, Relieves Tension , Enhances Stamina , stimulates & Revitalizes , Enhances Respiratory function.


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    Grown on one of the most beautiful estates in the Rung Bong valley, Darjeeling the calm, smooth flavor of this tea will drain you of all negativity as you are taken on an otherworldly voyage with every sip. From the misty rolling mountains of Darjeeling, fresh dewy tea shrubs start their mornings. The taste of the mountain soil and the thin crisp air entwines with the plant' lives and infuse them with the captivating aroma and flavour that sets them apart. We make sure you don't lose out on any tiny fragrant of this whole experience. So, we take the utmost care in preserving every detail from the garden, to your teacup.

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    Tasting Note

    The Garden Series pays homage to the estates and people who help craft the tea to the perfection that Jay Shree symbolises. Set in black overtones with dashes of vibrant hues of red, green, orange and violet, each package tells the story of simple hill folks who toil away in plucking tea leaves (two leaves and a bud) and then create aromatic brews from them. The Garden series from the dales of Assam and Darjeeling is not only containment but rather a conversation over cups of tea in the stories they depict on their black suits.

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    About Garden

    Sungma Tea Estate is spans across lavishly on the undulating slopes of the fabulous Mirik Valley. Located in the Rung Bong valley this tea estate is famous for premium quality tea and got established back in 1863 and 1868 by British Planter. Sungma is a certified with a Fair Trade license of ISO 1901:2008. It has also been awarded HACCP by TUV NORD and holds Organic certificates for NOP, JAS and NPOP by IMO. In 1993 this estate was taken over by Jay Shree Tea and attempts for further ongoing improvements are on since then.

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    Brewing Instruction

    • (1) Begin with filtered or bottled water.
    • (2) Heat water to a boil.Put in 2.5 to 3 gms of tea for every cup of water.
    • (3) Let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes
    • (4) Pour into a cup through a strainer.
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    • Uros

      Jun 15, 2017

      Product rating

      Product Rating

      Very good tea. Nice aroma and taste.

    • Sunita

      Jan 26, 2017

      Product rating

      Product Rating

      Excellent quality! keep it up.



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