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Darjeeling Special First Flush Puttabong Black Tea

The Darjeeling Puttabong First Flush Organic Whole Leaf Tea has a thick clear golden liquor with a coppery bright infusion.

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    Darjeeling first flush tea from one of the oldest estates of Darjeeling Puttabong. This tea is with subtle floral and peach notes. It is rejuvenating to the core with its crisp nature. When you sip into this cup, it has a tad bit astringency quotient making the tea-sipping experience a brisk one. The liquor is very smooth, making your taste buds to break into a waltz. The satisfying aftertaste is going to last on you for long, pumping up your energy levels, taking it a notch higher. It is the best cup to recharge you. Feel the rarity, richness and exotica of this Spring tea. Puttabong is also one of the biggest estates spread across a handsome 1077 acres. The elevation of this garden is something between an amazing 1500 ft - 6500 ft. You can find mind-boggling Darjeeling Clonal and the exotic Chinary bushes out here and it is the specialty of this estate. Puttabong is about 12 miles from Darjeeling and is adjacent to Sikkim. So all the tea lover just enjoy this first flush tea and get the true essence of spring on your cups in a jiffy!

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    Tasting Note

    Smooth liquor, mellow on the pallet. A fuller cup with stimulating quality and balanced astringency. Leaf: Wiry rolled leaves, small in structure, reflecting a green-gray look capped with nutty notes. Infusion: Olive green with brownish tinge. Liquor: Orange-tinged golden hue with a pleasant floral fragrance, don't miss out on the partially almond-like nutty taste.

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    About Garden

    The Puttabong Tea Estate is situated at a height between 1500 to 6500 feet msi towering over the majestic snow-covered Mount Kanchenjunga peaks. The estate spans across 22kilometers and ends in Rangeet River. In the history of Darjeeling Tea Plantation’s history this is the first tea estate and also is one of the biggest estates located in Darjeeling. This is also the first tea estate that used pruning machine. It is also planted with Chinary bushes, Darjeeling Clonal and Clonal tea stock.

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    Brewing Instruction

    • (1) Begin with filtered or bottled water.
    • (2) Heat water to a boil.Put in 2.5 to 3 gms of tea for every cup of water.
    • (3) Let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes
    • (4) Pour into a cup through a strainer.
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    • Johan

      Jan 25, 2017

      Product rating

      Great aroma and highly refreshing after a long day! One word... AWESOME...



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