Darjeeling Balasun Second Flush Mystic Black Tea 2022

The Balasun Tea Estate comes alive every early Darjeeling Summer with mountain spring fed water and the Himalayan sunshine. Nature gifts us with a bright flush during this time and the slopes of Balasun have produced a gem of a tea this year - an in-between flush Darjeeling (in between first and second flushes) with a clonal First Flush character. The commendable craftsmanship makes for an assortment of beautiful bold leaves with a great show of plushy tips. The cup is bright topaz and emanates an unforgettable aroma.
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To reduce our carbon footprint!

Second Flush Darjeeling tea with a refreshing aroma and First Flush character from the first pick of the season





Second Flush








Famous for producing the best of excellent quality tea with fuller body and typical muscatel china flavour, The Balasun Tea estate is spread across rolling hills with moderately gentle slope and a wide open valley with Balasun river flowing at the bottom part of the garden. panoramic views. The garden altitude varies from 365 metres to 1375 meters above MSL and temperature ranges between 7 degree winter to maximum of 30 degree in summer. The estate is located near a tiny hamlet town of Sonada, one of the stations for the heritage Darjeeling Toy train and is near to Tibetan chorten (Stupa), Tiger Hill, Chatkput Eco Village, Senchel lake, Senchel Reserve forest with oaks, chestnuts, walnuts, magnolias, rhododendrons, etc. During spring one can see the bright blooms of rhododendrons, cream magnolias and orchids in this moss-laden forest. The region is famous for it’s trekking routes and bird watching. The garden is easily accessible by road from Siliguri and the near Airport Bagdogra which is 50 kms away. The plantation was established in 1871 by M/s Davenport & Company Ltd. The original name of the garden was Nahore Balasun taken from the Lepcha dialect and was later renamed as Balasun after the river Balasun which flows through the garden. Jay Shree Tea and Industries acquired the garden in 2005. Since acquisition, the Jay shree tea management has invested in all round improvement of the garden and factory infrastructure, employee welfare, regular in-filling initiatives and planned afforestation for climatic conservation. Complete renovation of Factory buildings, roads, office and houses and upgradation of factory with latest technology to improve quality tea. As a result of these initiatives, the tea per unit realization has improved considerably since 2005.The estate has Fair Trade certification from FLO-CERT, HACCP certified by TUV-NORD, UTZ certified by IMO and SAN/ Rainforest Allaince certification from IMO.

Jay Shree Tea - Garden


Use filtered or bottled water. Bring the water to a rolling boil. Put in 2.5–3 g of loose tea for every cup. Let it steep for 3–5 min. Strain into a cup and serve

Leaf: Long bold leaf with some chunky tips as well as some open brown long leaf.

Liquor: Light, mellow with a surprising First Flush character as well as a Clonal flavour.

Infusion: Bright with a pleasant aromatic nose."

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