Darjeeling Balasun First Flush Flowery Tea 2024

Introducing an early spring first flush tea from the renowned Balasun Tea Estate. Delight in the impeccably twisted leaves with silver tips, exuding a sweet, floral aroma and delicate green sheen. Enjoy the soothing, lingering sweetness and flowery mouthfeel in every translucent cup. Infused with fresh fruity notes, this tea offers a delightful symphony of flavours. Sourced from the finest green leaves, it represents tradition, quality, and refinement at its best.
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The Balasun Tea Estate is renowned for its production of top-quality tea, characterized by a full-bodied and distinctive muscatel china flavour. Situated amidst rolling hills with gentle slopes and a picturesque valley, the estate is graced by the flowing Balasun River at the bottom. The garden's altitude ranges from 365 metres to 1375 metres above MSL, experiencing temperatures between 7 degrees in winter and a maximum of 30 degrees in summer. Located close to the quaint hamlet town of Sonada, which serves as one of the stations for the heritage Darjeeling Toy train, the estate also boasts proximity to various attractions, including the Tibetan chorten (Stupa), Tiger Hill, Chatakpur Eco Village, Senchel Lake, and Senchel Reserve Forest, where you can find diverse flora like oaks, chestnuts, walnuts, magnolias, and rhododendrons. During spring, the moss-laden forest comes alive with vibrant rhododendron blooms, cream magnolias, and orchids. The region is renowned for its excellent trekking routes and opportunities for birdwatching. Easily accessible by road from Siliguri and the nearby Bagdogra Airport, which is approximately 50 kilometres away. Established in 1871 by M/s Davenport & Company Ltd., the estate was originally called Nahore Balasun, derived from the Lepcha dialect. However, later it was renamed Balasun after the river flowing through it. In 2005, Jayshree Tea and Industries acquired the garden and has since made substantial investments in enhancing the infrastructure, employee welfare, in-fill planting initiatives, and planned afforestation for environmental preservation. The factory has undergone complete renovation, incorporating the latest technology to produce higher quality tea. As a result, the tea per unit realisation has significantly improved since 2005. The estate proudly holds certifications like Fair Trade from FLO-CERT, HACCP from TUV-NORD, UTZ from IMO, and SAN/Rainforest Alliance from IMO. The plantation primarily consists of 51% pure China, 40% hybrid Assam, and 9% Darjeeling Quality Clonal variety, ensuring the production of excellent quality tea with a full body and muscatel china flavour. In addition to tea cultivation, the estate also grows Oranges, Ginger, Cardamom, and Broom Grass, further diversifying its agricultural offerings.

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Use filtered or bottled water. Bring the water to a rolling boil. Put in 2.5–3 g of loose tea for every cup. Let it steep for 3–5 min. Strain into a cup and serve

LEAF: Green leaves with a fresh first flush flowery nose, bloomy leaves with silver tips.

LIQUOR: Light flowery liquor with a fresh first flush aroma and fruity mouthfeel.

INFUSION: Silver tips with a fruity aroma.

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