As you all know that tea, of all types, is regarded as a healthy beverage. Processing methods and harvesting time determines the intensity of health benefits in teas. Some of the popular variants of healthy blends are – black tea, green tea, oolong blends and so on. Now, it is very important that you know which type of blend is suitable for your health and when to drink it.

Whenever we talk of healthy tea, Darjeeling green tea inevitably crops up our mind. Green blends have adorable health benefits – it is good as skin care product as well as for wellbeing human beings. Darjeeling green brews have great contribution.

Do you know which the best time for drinking green brew is? Is it good to combine workout with this drink? Well, consuming Darjeeling green brew after workout is a beneficial for health. Let’s find out why drinking a cup of green blend after workout is a wonderful combo…

  • Will not add any further calorie

While exercising you burn some calorie and consuming green tea, along with sugar-free crackers, after workout is a perfect choice. It will boost up your stamina without addition of any calorie. This makes easy for you to stay fit.

  • Controls sugar level

Green blends have proved to be beneficial for diabetes. During workout your energy gets drain out and therefore, you need something to keep the energy at a stable level. Glucose is not a right choice for diabetic patient in such a condition. Darjeeling green tea comes to help in this regard. It keeps the energy level stable and controls sugar.

  • Boosts metabolism

Having Darjeeling green brew after exercise is a great way of boosting metabolism. Having strong metabolism helps to burn more calories and you can consume more food. It also keeps you healthy.

  • Gives relaxation

Consuming green blend after workout provides relaxation. At the time of exercising heartbeat increases and drinking green tea at this time will relax your brain and heart. It is important that you are sufficiently hydrated after exercise otherwise you have chances of dehydration.

  • Burns fat

Obesity is a grave problem of today’s society. So, when you are doing workout you should complement it with low calorie diet. Including Darjeeling green tea in this diet will produce effective results. This beverage will help in burning some extra pound from the body.

Thus, in a nutshell, workout and Darjeeling green tea is a GREAT combination!