Many people prefer having organic blends to quench their thirst and, at the same time, stay healthy. However, this is not the only reason why you should choose pure organic tea. There are several other reasons for opting for organic blends over conventionally produced teas. Let’s find out what are they…

  • Better for Drinkers

The prime reason for picking organic teas is because it is good for health. Fertilizers and pesticides are used for conventional manufacturing of blends. Though a significant portion of these artificial components is removed at the time of processing, yet a certain degree of water-soluble chemicals remains in the leaves. Now, regular consumption of this tea is certainly unhealthy and does harm to the body than any good. So, drinkers opt for organic blends as they are produced without any artificial additives.

  • Better for Farmers

Farmers are the first persons who get affected by the use of chemicals in tea plants as they have sprayed these chemicals. Most of the time they do not wear gloves or mask and even if they do, they are not of high quality. Hence, farmers do not have enough protection and get directly affected by chemicals and pesticides. It is seen that farmers who have a direct impact on the use of these artificial products have started organic tea cultivation.

  • Give Support to Small Farms and Farmers

Organic tea farms are usually small plots of land. Unlike conventional farming, organic tea cultivation works in harmony with nature for managing pests and other problems. Moreover, organic fields have natural weeds and grasses for covering the ground. Besides, these small operations are generally family business and hence, workers get more ethical treatment. The revenue so generated directly goes to the farmers thereby improving their living conditions.

  • Better for Tea Plants

It is quite simple! The plant that grows in harmony with nature will be far better than the one that grows in a toxic situation. There are sensitive drinkers who can distinguish between organic and conventional teas. People say that many negative effects that people feel because of drinking tea are much because of the chemicals used in their production rather than the caffeine. The natural plant will always contribute to human health better. In addition to all these, organic tea farming does not cause environmental damage. The use of pesticides causes an imbalance in the ecosystem by not only killing harmful bugs but also natural predators. So, go for organic teas and support the environment, farmer and your health.