Many people do not know that orthodox teas are of the highest quality. Some of the finest quality loose leaf blends are called orthodox teas. They are hand processed and carefully assorted so that drinkers get a pack of supreme quality leaves. Processing orthodox leaves is an intricate process and need much care to preserve their quality.

The term “orthodox” implies that the blends are hand-processed or are rolled by machinery that is similar to hand-rolling process. Premium quality Darjeeling tea are usually produced through orthodox method. Whole leaf teas are produced using orthodox method. Blends produced from orthodox tea leaves generally have the labels like “rolled tea”, “hand-processed teas” or “handmade tea”.

Process of Manufacturing Orthodox Teas is Special  

Certain steps are involved in the production of orthodox Darjeeling blends.

  • Withering

Tea leaves are spread for 15 to 20 hours so that their moisture evaporates completely.

  • Rolling

Leaves are pressed and rotated so that they release chemicals and hence, get prepared for oxidation.

  • Oxidation

Tea leaves rest for 2 to 4 hours so that air can react with chemicals. Leaves in this method acquire a dark shade.

  • Firing

At this stage, heater is used to stop oxidation and the leaves are allowed to dehydrate. Then, finally the tea leaves are divided according to different grades.

Specialty of Darjeeling Orthodox Tea Leaves

Specialty of orthodox tea leaves lies in their multi-layered characteristics and brightness and briskness. These leaves are considered as more complex and nuanced than other variants. Brews obtained from orthodox loose leaves can be enjoyed as it is with a bit of sweetener or lemon. You do not need any additives for having an enjoyable drinking experience. Orthodox blends do not taste bitter as CTC blends.

Now, there are certain factors that determine the grades orthodox loose leaf teas. They are –

  • Leaf twist
  • Time of plucking
  • Manufacturing process
  • Region of production

Darjeeling orthodox loose leaf teas are a power house of different antioxidants which prevent damaging of cells. Thus, drinking this brew regularly will make you feel better. They also have a calming effect and boost up mental accuracy. These blends prevent cardiovascular diseases. They have rich color, flavor and genuine taste. In other words, if you want to enjoy good quality brew having invigorating taste and intoxicating aroma, then you should orthodox loose leaf Darjeeling tea. A cup of orthodox tea is enjoyable any time!