Indian tea is quite a popular gift across the world. Travelers from all corners of the world love to carry Indian brews as gift souvenir from India. Why this is so? Indian tea is an aromatic delicious beverage enriched with vitamins and antioxidants. It is a perfect treat for healthy drinkers! Do you know that black blends of India have great craze in European countries? Not only this, they also have high demand in Asian countries that specializes in green tea production.

In this country, there are around 10 regions known for their finest tea plantation. Indian beverage market offers wide varieties of blends from different regions. Tea from every region has a distinct color, aroma and fragrance as they are processed in different methods. Diverse varieties of tea available in Indian market are –

  • Darjeeling Tea from West Bengal
  • Assam Tea from Assam
  • Nilgiri Tea
  • Annamalai Tea from Tamil Nadu
  • Kangra Tea from Himachal Pradesh
  • Terai Tea from Dooars

Assam and Darjeeling blends are the most celebrated teas of India.

  • Assam tea is mostly known for its black blends. These teas are highly oxidized which gives the brew a malty flavor and dark robust color. Since Assam brews have a strong flavor, it is also popular as “breakfast tea”. Do you know that Assam is the largest tea producing region across the globe? The typical tropical climate of the place caters to the malty taste of Assam brews. This taste is unique to Assam blends only.   Due to this distinct malty flavor people prefer this brew in the breakfast. Assam blends rejuvenate mind and body in a wonderful way and kick start a day in a refreshing way.
  • Darjeeling blends have a specialty. They have a muscatel fruity flavor for which Darjeeling teas are known as “Champagne of Teas”. The black tea this hilly region produces is less oxidized than Assam blends. The aromatic delicate taste of this beverage entices both novice and tea connoisseurs. Darjeeling brews are also known for their immense health benefit, especially green tea which is a specialty of this region. Darjeeling produces a wide range beverages for all kinds of drinkers – black, green, white and oolong.

The artistic packaging of Indian teas in wooden boxes skillfully handcrafted by artisans is another reason why they are perfect as gift souvenir. The packaging portrays rich culture and expert craftsmanship of Indian regions. A wooden box with quality Indian blends makes an exquisite gift in any occasion.