Have you enjoyed the beauty of Darjeeling hills? The misty hills of this place are extremely cherished all over the world. They cast a spell distinct to themselves. Soil, landscape, rainfall, altitude and climate –the combination of all these promote the production of the world famous blend – the Darjeeling tea.

Supreme quality Darjeeling brew has delicate muscatel flavor and intoxicating aroma together with a number of health benefits. But, what makes Darjeeling “the Champagne of Teas”? Well, there are a number of factors favoring the production of this brew. Let’s have a quick glimpse at them…

As mentioned earlier, the geographical location and topography of Darjeeling is highly conducive to the growth of tea. Besides the cool climate, optimum rainfall – not too less neither too much – work in favor. Moreover, the sloping land prevents water stagnation by draining away all water. Hence, the plantation gets just the right amount of water for their growth. The leaves get plenty of rain suitable for generating the fantastic flavor typical to Darjeeling blends.

Harvesting Darjeeling tea is the next important step contributing to freshness and quality of the blends. Each of the leaves is carefully chosen and handpicked so that you get real flavor of Darjeeling tea from your teacup. Sometimes, un-well workers are not allowed to pick the leaves since it might affect the quality and sensitivity of tea leaves.

Leaves from Darjeeling tea garden undergo refined processing in different batches. Very interestingly, quality of tea produced during first batch of the day is quite different from those produced during the second batch.

Do you know why a cup of Darjeeling blend appears freshest from the garden? It is because of its tea tasting process. After harvesting tea connoisseurs taste each variety of Darjeeling brew to ensure that its actual flavor is retained from the pack to the teacup. Only after approval from the tasters, tea is marketed for the consumers. So, now do you understand why you can enjoy a distinctive aroma, fruity essence and delicacy in Darjeeling brew? All these make it taste much like the champagne.

Thanks to modern technology that has converted this world to a global village where people can now purchase Darjeeling tea from the comforts of their home. A wide range of Darjeeling is available online from reputed tea dealers. With only a few clicks of the mouse, you can now have your preferred blend right at your doorstep. So, procure and enjoy the Champagne of teas!