Modern lifestyle of men is full of hustling and bustling and hence, they experience a lot of stress. Though stress level of every individual is different, they need something to manage it. Isn’t that so? And, what can be a better way to combat stress than a cup of black brew?  Tea creates a pure miracle by boosting up the energy level in an instant.

When we talk of black blends, Assam loose leaf teas are the first choice of every drinker. It is a perfect choice as “Breakfast Tea”. Blessed with rich fertile plains and good rainfall, Assam produces outstanding loose leaf blends that have a distinct texture and characteristic.

You must have seen the coppery color liquor obtained after brewing Assam loose leaf teas. It is because of the region where this beverage is cultivated. Constant rain and rich peninsular soil has catered an exquisite characteristic to Assam black tea.

  • The prime reason for popularity of Assam tea is their unique malty flavor. Since this blend has strong taste it goes will with milk and little bit of sweetness. With its robust flavor, strong texture and malty taste, Assam brew has created a niche of its own in the beverage world and has high demand worldwide.
  • Again, the bright texture of Assam brews makes them a wonderful substitute to coffee. Caffeine content in his tea is also more than any other black blends. Hence, it is an ideal alternative to coffee for those who want strong beverage.
  • Assam loose leaf black blends have a number of health benefits. They are rich in antioxidants that help in boosting metabolism and immune system. The antioxidants also help in strengthening blood vessels and preventing cardiovascular diseases.
  • Are you suffering from sluggish digestion? Start consuming Assam loose leaf black tea. This will improve your digestion process and you will surely get relief from pain of indigestion.
  • Stress and environmental hazards result in cell damage in modern generation. Regular consumption of Assam blends reduces this risk of cell damage. Thus, you will lesser chance of cancer and tumors.
  • Do you know Assam black brews can cure diabetes? Yes, it is so. The high concentration of polysaccharides prevents glucose absorption thereby curing or curbing diabetes to certain extent.

So, you can now understand why Assam black tea have such high demand in Indian market. They are truly a healthy and energy-boosting beverage for people.