So, you have decided to brew your favorite blend? Then, get started. But, what tools to use for brewing tea? Well, the market is flooded with varieties of tools and utensils that make brewing better, easier and more enjoyable. You will find gravity-defying mug toppers, tea balls, sleek designed infuser wants and automatic brewing machines.

Now, tea sellers have the tendency of aggressively pushing certain tools to the customer, whether they need it or not.

What is important for having a good cup of golden liquor?

Only three things can make a good cup of tea. They are –

  1. Good quality tea
  2. A cup
  3. Something to heat the water

That is all! No special tools, No fancy pots, No filters. The most important thing that makes a good cup of golden liquor is loose leaf tea. Brewing loose blends might appear a bit complex, but they can only produce the real flavor. These leaves expand when steeped in hot water. So, you should use such utensils that provide ample space for expansion of the leaves.

To satiate these needs of the users, various kinds of tea-wares have come up in the market. Have a look at some of them.

  • Brew basket

In brewing tea by yourself, you can face two problems – firstly, you should know how to filter leaves yourself and secondly, you should not be too slowly in sipping, otherwise the tea can turn bitter. Thus, to give more control over brewing, you have brew basket. It perfectly fits in a mug or a large teapot. Stainless steel brew baskets are the best because they are easy to clean.

  • Good kettle

An electric kettle is the best for making tea every day. It boils water quickly and accurately pours the beverage into the cup. Choose glass model or stainless steel kettles. The Bonavita is just perfect! Its interior is completely of stainless steel, boils water faster and shuts off automatically when water starts boiling. The goose-neck like spout of this kettle makes it stand out from its competitors.

The more you do market research the more you will come across advanced steeping tools. Nowadays, there are teapots and brewing vessels of small size which can accommodate greater amount of leaves and produce a perfect tasty cup of blend. There are Japanese style teapots and Chinese style vessels too in the market. Check out the latest vessel available!