India has always been the hub for travel freak and now, it has become a popular destination for the tea lovers. Wondering how? Beside China, India consumes and produces tea in greater quantity than many countries. Tea fanatics certainly cannot think to spend a day without sipping a cup of tea. However, it might not be always possible for you to have your ritual cup, especially, when you are on the move.

Nothing to worry! Some of the best places are picked here that will definitely make tea lovers crazy.

Have a quick glimpse at them and start planning your tea trail right away!


This is a popular tourist destination in West Bengal. Isn’t it? It produces around 25% of the total tea in the country. Darjeeling tea has an enticing light color and delicate floral aroma that makes everyone mad at it. It is available in varied forms – oolong, white, green and black. It is rightly called “Champagne of teas”.


This chief tea producer in India has some of the gorgeous tea estates. Assam tea is known for its dark tinge and robust flavor. CTC variety (crush, tear and curl) is popular in this region. Jorhat in Assam is the major tea cultivating centre and is also known as “Tea Capital of the World”. your visit to this state will certainly be incomplete, if you do not visit its tea estates.


This place is the home to above 50 green tea plantations. While visiting Munnar, make a tour to Kolukkumalai, world’s highest tea garden. You can move around the estate, taste the different flavors of every variety and also experience the tea processing. The first Tea Museum in India is located in Munnar.


The ‘birthplace’ of this beverage can also be included in your list of travel destination. The famous green tea, the Longjing Tea of China, is awarded a prestigious status by the connoisseurs. Hangzhou is popular for this variety and taking a tea tour is a MUST at this place. You can witness the laborious process of tea cultivation that ultimately renders the pleasure you get in drinking it.


This is another place where tea is a famous beverage. When you talk of Japanese culture, you cannot go without mentioning their cold and hot teas, they are an indispensable part of their culture. Japan organizes tea ceremonies where green tea is the prime element. This ceremony is something that you should not miss.

So, what are you waiting for? Just pack up and get started for a wonderful tea tour to any of these places!