Drinking tea twice everyday is a normal habit. Visit any house in India and you will be definitely offered tea instead of any other beverages like alcohol or coffee. During British rule, tea was conceived as a beverage of the rich class or high status people. But now, the scenario is completely different. It has now become a very popular beverage across the world.

Here we want to share some interesting facts about Indian Chai. Have a look…

  • Chai – Indian term used for “tea”

In this country, ‘chai’ simply implies ‘tea’. However, in Western countries, it refers to spiced tea made in Indian style, meaning tea made with milk and traditional spices of this country. In India, chai refers to Masala Chai and it is preferred more than coffee. You know, some changes are made in this Indian chai in different countries. For example, in America, you will get this chai in a creamier and sweeter variation.

  • What is the caffeine content in chai and how it affects

Generally, one cup chai contains 40mg caffeine as compared to 120mg of caffeine in one cup coffee. But, the caffeine in teas works differently because of its interaction with tannin, component in this beverage. Tannin has a calm effect on nervous system. As a result, caffeine is absorbed very slowly and you can avoid caffeine “shock”. Now, since chai does not have that impact of caffeine “shock”, you are free to enjoy a few more cups.

  • Chai is made from black tea

Usually black tea is used for preparing Indian chai but now, there are exceptions as well. Like green tea, Rooibos is also a caffeine-free tea having additional health benefits. Synergistic combination of spices and tea make Indian chai a healthy beverage for all.

  • People prefer chai more than coffee

Chai provides mental energy and has a calming effect. Therefore, drinking chai you will get a subtle boost for work the whole day. Also, it has more bodied flavor, bolder and stronger than standard tea and hence, chai is the ideal substitute for coffee. Spices enhance the flavor of chai. Switch to chai. I bet you will like it!

  • Indian chai is good for environment

Among the many positive benefits of chai on environment, one is it uses very little amount of water. For producing one cup coffee more than 1100 cups water is required while for producing one cup tea, 1/10 of the water is required. Isn’t it a positive impact?

Certified Indian Chai is also available across the market. Explore the market and you will huge variety of choices to satiate your craving for beverage!