Which are the two world popular tea producing regions in India? Your answer will surely be Darjeeling and Assam. Assam is known across the globe for its quality blends and beauty of tea plantation. As you know, this mountainous region has a very peasant climate and its greenery attracts tourists from all corners of the world.

Assam is the origin of ‘Indian teas’ since ancient times and now, it has become one of the popular tea producing regions worldwide. Both sides of River Brahmaputra are the largest tea growing areas. Assam tea has a distinct full-bodied malty flavor and obtains bright color liquor. Black tea is the specialty of this region and tea lovers enjoys a cup of Assam black tea any time.

Now, let’s have a quick glimpse at some of the best tea gardens of this region.

  • Mangalam Tea Estate

The exquisite bush plantation of this garden makes it distinct of its own kind. This is a huge tea garden of Assam known for producing finest quality Assam CTC and Orthodox teas. They have high demand in the market and therefore, incur a good deal of profit. Orthodox blends from Mangalam estate are exported to German market. The plantation has a beauty of its own and easily accessible. Tea Board has awarded Mangalam estate for producing highest yield.

  • Manjushree Tea Garden

Manjushree is another big tea garden of Assam. The estate is well planned and encompasses enormous natural beauty. This garden is credited for reintroducing Orthodox teas in Upper Assam. CTC tea, Orthodox black blends and Tippy teas are the specialty of this garden. Teas of this estate have reached the beverage market of this country and abroad as well. German buyers have great demand for Assam teas from this garden as well.

  • Meleng Tea Estate

This tea plantation is located on the bank of River Meleng and hence, the name is so. This is created to fulfill the dream of an entrepreneur named J.E. Todd. This is one of the oldest tea gardens of the region and has varied seed Jat and clonal materials that obtain top grade beverage. Tea Board has awarded this estate twice for producing best quality teas. This garden is famous for producing Tippy black teas, CTC blends and Orthodox black teas.

So, you have the top 3 tea gardens of Assam right in front of you. Don’t miss the chance to visit these gardens the next time you tour to Assam.