There are as many colors of tea as there are flavors – black, green, white and red. White tea has a little yellow green tinge and a delicate flavor. It is also the most expensive variety and a tricky tea as well. Drinkers often hesitate to prepare a cup of white brew because its flavor is completely ruined if prepared in the wrong way. It cannot tolerate poor technique of preparation.

So, let’s find out how to prepare a cup of white tea to enjoy its best flavor…

How to Prepare White Brew

  • Heat Water

Make sure that you use good quality water to brew this costly tea. Filtered water or spring water is the best but; tap water can also be used, if it is of neutral flavor. Adverse flavor of water can destroy delicate flavor of the white tea. Again, never pour boiling water on the delicate leaves because this ruins its flavor. Boil the water, put out the heat and let it cool before using it in white tea leaves.

  • Measure the Blend

How much blend you will use for a cup depends on which variety of white tea you are using. If it is tea buds (Silver Needle) or tea leaves (White Peony), then two tablespoon is perfect for six ounce water. But, if you are using a mixture of both, then 1½ teaspoon will do.

  • Steep the Leaves

Pour water on the leaves and let them steep for 1 to 5 minutes. However, steeping time varies according to taste of the drinker. Steeping for longer time will obtain stronger brew. To have pleasant flavor, taste sample and extend steeping time accordingly.

  • Pre-warm Teacups

Pre-warming the cups only enhances drinking experience. Warm cup ensures that temperature of the tea does not change when it is poured into the cups. You should pour boiling water in small amount into the cups and toss it before pouring the tea.

Some Helpful Tips in Brewing White Tea

  • As discussed earlier, boiling water should never be used in preparing white tea because it ruins the very flavor of the blend. You have to boil the water then let it sit for some time and pour it on the leaves.
  • You should add tea leaves generously. Since these leaves are less compact and dense, you should increase its amount gradually. Do taste test before adding further leaves.

So, when you are steeping an expensive blend like white tea, be careful.