Brewing tea is an art, an experience… You should learn the proper way of steeping loose leaf blends to relish a cup of that golden liquor. To make a perfect cup of tea all you need is loose leaf blend, hot water, a pot and tea strainer. Loose leaf brew provides an exotic taste and authentic drinking experience at all time. You can have great pleasure over a cup of Darjeeling Tea with friends or family members.

Now, for enjoying loose leaf brew one has to follow certain instructions so that the art of making tea is perfected. We will talk about the basic technique of brewing this beverage to ensure that you get a perfect cup. However, steeping technique of every blend is different from the other. You can experiment with steeping duration or quantity of tea leaves.


  • Pour Fresh Water In A Kettle

Distilled water or water boiled earlier destroys original taste of a brew. So, it is better not to use such water. Boil fresh cool water from tap. However, if the local water is hard, then you should use boiled water to have pleasant taste.

  • Heat The Water Until It Starts Boiling

When the water starts rolling boil, remove it from heat. According to the variety of tea you are using, you will need cool or slightly warm water to have the best flavors. You can also boil and then cool the water to desired temperature. Green and white blends are prepared at a low temperature when the water just starts steaming while oolong teas are best prepared at moderate temperature when the water is simmering. Lastly, black blends are prepared at high temperature when the water is rolling boil.

  • Use Correct Amount Of Loose Leaf Teas

Tea leaves are available in diverse sizes and shapes and so, it is better to measure them in weight rather than in volume. However, general trend is to measure in volume. When measuring in volume, take 1 teaspoon for small leaves and 1 tablespoon for large leaves. Now, pour the desired amount into a teapot or tea strainer. If you use big size mug, then you might have to double the amount. The amount of tea leaves you want to use completely depends on your taste preference.

  • Steep The Blend For A Few Minutes

Pour hot water into the tea leaves directly and let the flavor seep out for some minutes. Steeping time varies with the type of blend you are using. If you are unsure about the actual steeping time, first steep for 3 minutes and then extend the time as you feel is right.

So, now you are done! Remove the leaves from water after steeping and you cup of hot brew is ready to savor!

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