You must be familiar with organic Darjeeling tea. Aren’t you? Organic blends are harvested in a natural way without the use any kind of chemicals, fertilizers or additives. So, these teas are pure and natural containing all essential nutrients. Organic Darjeeling tea helps a drinker to stay healthy while enjoying his beverage. Then, you must know how organic Darjeeling has made its way from the estates to the cup to give the drinking an enriching drinking experience.

Organic Darjeeling Tea Production

  • Harvesting

As you know, Darjeeling tea is harvested three times a year and every harvest is termed as “flush”. Flushes or harvesting time determines briskness, aroma, flavor, etc of the blends. First harvest takes place between March and April in which there arrives two leaves and a bud in the bushes. This is plucked for making Organic Darjeeling blends. Since the most tender tea leaves have to be plucked, the picking is done manually. Human labor is a very crucial factor in preparation of this blend. It guarantees high quality and accuracy.

  • Withering

Withering is an important step in tea manufacturing as it determines the quality. During this process, complex chemicals in tea leaves break into simple compounds. This process develops the aroma in the blends. After withering, leaves become flaccid and get ready for rolling. The leaves have about 35% to 40% of the original weight because they lose moisture.

  • Rolling

In rolling, cells of the leaves rupture and cell saps get exposed to oxygen. In presence of this atmospheric oxygen, enzymes and chemicals of the leaves mix with one another and build the character of the blends.

  • Fermentation

Rolled leaves are oxidized to get the flavor and color of tea. During oxidation, Thearubigins are produced with reaction with atmospheric oxygen and tea gets its flavor and color.

  • Drying

Finally, the fermented leaves are put into a dryer and dried to obtain the final product. This drying process stops all kinds of chemical reactions and also removes left over moisture from the leaves.

  • Sorting

After all the above processing, leaves are passed through different kinds of sieves to obtain different grades like whole leaf, fanning, broken, dust and so on.

The organic Darjeeling tea so produced are then packed for domestic market and exporting to foreign countries. There are online companies that offer organic Darjeeling blends at the most affordable price. The best quality blends are available online.