Our country has an obsession for tea. It is the most refreshing drink that is welcomed any time. Tea stalls are a common sight in local streets selling flavored Masala Chai. These stalls are unorganized and fragmented and modern generation is looking for some midway option between roadside stalls and home consumption. Hence, they have embraced the concept of tea cafes and it is working wonders for customers as well as entrepreneurs.

Brewing Tea with Sophistication 

Older generation loved spend time sitting and chatting at a local Chaiwallahs counter. But, young generation prefers a contemporary hangout where they can comfortably sit and take the pleasure of their favorite beverage. These outlets have now become a place for relaxing with snacks and beverages.

Indians mostly have great likings for tea than coffee and have 2 to 3 cups every day. Capitalizing on this idea, tea cafes are steadily expanding their business since a few years. These modern cafes intend to bring innovation in tea brewing and appeal young generation with their upgraded versions of tea making. Some of them even offer the chance for customizing chai and select from a variety of premium, fruity and herbal infusions.


Tea, being less expensive than coffee, has created an affordable advantage for café owners and customers. Moreover, there are multiple variations in teas and each variety has its health benefits. Youngsters, nowadays, have started to know this healthy beverage and hence, are enjoying it more passionately than coffee. Do you know that customers can now have 12,000 variants of their chai in a café? Modern cafes offer the chance for experimenting with chai.

Further, these cafes offer a relaxed ambience with comfy seats, internet and delicious foods. This is a place of hangout for both young people and professionals alike. Café has a touch of sophistication with flavorful fresh garden teas at a lower price. Customers now have the opportunity to choose a variety of beverage according to their mood. This contemporary setup invites many customers in this country and outside and hence, the trend of cafes gradually emerged.

Modern technology like digital marketing and social media also helps café industry to flourish their business. With growing popularity cafes in this country, young entrepreneurs are getting a chance to venture their capital and give their dream a true shape. Tea lovers now look for tea café to spend some quality time with a cup of freshest brew.