In today’s fast paced age as one is subjected to different kinds of stresses all the time, there has been a growing concern regarding leading a healthy and well-balanced life that eliminates these stresses.

One of the best ways of combating the stress and restoring one’s health, alertness and spirit is by sipping Darjeeling Green Tea.

So what is it about Darjeeling Green Tea that makes it so special?

Like all teas, Darjeeling Tea is made up of antioxidants which possess beneficial flavonoids and catechins. The proportions of these in Darjeeling green tea provide protective and curative properties. What sets Darjeeling green tea apart from the other teas is that it is abundant in EGCG-3 which is among the top antioxidants.

So what do these antioxidants present in the tea do?

In the human body, during digestion free radicals get formed which are potentially harmful and unstable chemicals. These can also be formed when you are exposed to toxic compounds. These free radicals tend to damage the DNA and cellular membranes over a period of time and thus raise the chances of chronic illness. When you sip Darjeeling green tea, the antioxidants present in it neutralize these harmful free radicals.

Besides, among the other benefits of Darjeeling Green tea is the cardiovascular benefits. Sipping green tea widens the arteries, enables the heart to pump better and consequently improves blood circulation to the organs.

Moreover, certain compounds in the Darjeeling green tea also help in increasing the density of your bones. This is especially helpful for women who are at risk of osteoporosis.

Thus, sipping Darjeeling Green Tea, not only makes you stress-free with your senses coming alive, but its restorative powers heal you and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul!