Tea can accompany any menu item whatsoever. Right selection of tea is certainly an essential element of food selection. It definitely creates a difference! Tea selection can make or break your dining experience. Often people select the meal according to their preference of tea. So, now the question is how to impress your guest and friends at the dining table with your knowledge of tea and food selection? Just keep in mind that flavors of both should compliment each other so that you can have the best tasting experience.

What can be a perfect match? Here are some guidelines to create an explosion of flavors and textures in one sip and bite. An ideal pair should make both tea and food taste better. Have a look…

White Tea Pairing

White tea is delicate, light and are least processed than all other types. It’s purely un-blended flavor might get suppressed by the flavors of the food. Thus, it can be best enjoyed by drinking it alone without combining it with any food. However, in spite of this, if you want to have some food with white tea, pick food that has very light flavor like Basmati rice or undressed salad.

White blend has natural sweetness of its own which can be accentuated by pairing it with foods lacking in natural sweetness. Hence, it is better to drink it before indulging in your meal.

Green Tea Compliments Vegetarian Meals 

Green tea has a light texture and generally has grassy and vegetative taste. Do not combine this beverage with heavy meal, it will overpower the drink. Chinese green teas seem to have a smokiness feature and so, you can try them with smoky foods like dishes from Middle East and Asia. However, natural green tea flavor combines well with noodles, steamed vegetables, salads, brown rice and vegetarian sushi.

Oolong Pairs Well with Grilled Foods    

Oolong tea has certain complexity of aroma and flavor – some tends to be richer while some may be smokier. Character of oolong is such that it range in between black tea and green tea and hence, can be combined with varieties of foods. You can try oolong with grilled vegetables and tofu with rice. As a dessert, oolong tea is just delightful with white chocolate and fruits.

This general combination is a good way to start. Want to try something new? Then, break the rule, try out new combinations and experiment. Have fun!!!