For more than a century now, Darjeeling Tea has been occupying a place of pride for the whole of India and is famous all the world over. And why not? The invigorating aroma and taste of Darjeeling Tea sure refreshes you every time that you take a sip of it.

Up in the hills of Darjeeling, where the climate is cool, the terrains are sloping and thus don’t allow the water to stagnate, this place receives optimal amount of rainfall that is just right for the luxurious growth of these tea plants.

Darjeeling Tea comes in a variety of flavors depending on a couple of factors. The factors vary from the different seasons (flushes) to the particular gardens where they are picked up from to the time of the day when they are plucked or as a matter of fact, the different batches in which they are processed.

A close example of a few samples of Darjeeling Tea will throw more light on the variety of flavors that Darjeeling Tea offers.

To start with, let us consider the Darjeeling Tea - First Flush Risheehat Organic Green Tea. As the name suggests it is the First Flush Darjeeling Tea and plucked from the Risheehat Tea Gardens. This Green tea has light, weak, brownish green liquor and generally has a somewhat astringent flavor. It is known all over the world for its health benefits. Besides, the tea also has a sweet floral taste and character.

Another example is that of the Second Flush Risheehat Organic Black Tea. This tea is produced during the period of May. This Darjeeling Tea has organic whole leaf tea with a refreshing flavor and stylish wiry leaf with some silver tips. The tea has bright infusion with second flush character and a delicate aroma. No wonder Darjeeling tea is known as the ‘champagne of teas’.

Citing one more example of the varied flavors of Darjeeling Tea found here is the First Flush Sungma Organic Black Tea from the Sungma Gardens. The Darjeeling tea obtained from here has a greenish bright infusion.

Thus each of the different Darjeeling Tea gardens produce a Darjeeling Tea plant of a particular flavor that is integral to the garden itself and adds to the vast flavors of world famous Darjeeling Tea!