What is your preference? Are you a tea person or a coffee one? The good news is that both the drinks have natural benefits! However, coffee has a bad repute while tea is regarded as a healthy beverage. But, the question is, is it really a better option?

Why Tea Is Regarded As A Healthier Choice?

Tea is considered as a healthy beverage after water; even the health organizations have approved this. On the contrary, coffee has a bad name. It might be that tea is a healthier beverage but, potential health benefits of coffee also cannot be underestimated.

Lets us precisely look into the different aspects of the two drinks and find out how each of them affects human health. Comparing one factor at a time will give a better idea.

  • Caffeine Content

Caffeine provides energy and so, people prefer drinking tea or coffee early in the morning for a fresh start or when they are sleepy in between work. Now, caffeine content of coffee is much more than tea. A cup of coffee or eight ounces of coffee contains about 100 mg caffeine whereas tea of the same amount contains 15 to 70 mg caffeine. Caffeine in black tea is more than green blends and other variants.

Caffeine intake in moderate amount does not affect the health but too much caffeine is not good for health. It might cause lack of sleep or result in late sleep at night.

  • Taste

Taste is certainly an important factor for any drink. Coffee is produced in various regions of the world. It tastes a little bitter as it is quite strong. It is also more acidic as compared to tea. Thus, coffee can be harmful for stomachs causing problems like acid reflux, heartburn and so on.

There are different varieties of teas but each of them is produced from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. The end product obtained from the leaves depends on how much the leaves are processed. All kinds of blends have antioxidants. Unsweetened teas are healthy.

  • Energy Booster

Caffeine in coffee is almost twice than that of tea. Hence, coffee can provide instant energy and you can feel its effect immediately as caffeine quickly gets absorbed into the system. On the other hand, tea is a slow energy booster as its caffeine content is much less. Therefore, effect of this beverage is also less dramatic. The bottom line is, drink the kind of beverage you like but consume it in moderate amount.