Are you among one of them who start their day with a cup of green tea? If you are, then you are surely a healthy drinker. This blend does more than just boosting the caffeine level every morning. This beverage has several health benefits and adding green tea extracts to health products or following a ‘green tea diet’ makes a difference in overall weight. Many people drink green tea but very few know the exact way of drinking this beverage for weight loss.

Let’s have a look at some essential facts about green blends…

Green Tea & Weight Loss  

Green blend have recently been globally acclaimed at the healthiest beverage promoting weight loss. There is almost no calorie in a cup of green brew. Further, it boosts metabolism and improves body’s efficiency in burning fat and energy. Research has proved that flavonoids present in green blends improve insulin activity in the body and increase fat oxidation. Some studies have also shown that substituting green tea for other calorie-filled drinks result in weight loss.

Green blends are natural diuretics that can effectively combat the problem of fluid retention and tissue inflammation. Consuming green brew regularly will lower body fat. Do you know that even caffeine content of this tea affects weight loss? Regular consumption of green brew simplifies the process of weight loss because caffeine in this beverage act as a stimulant that enhances activity which further, helps in burning fat. Only after drinking 3 or 4 cups of green tea, you can realize its effects.

Consuming green blend before exercise helps to burn the fat better. Studies have shown that a person having green brew before exercising burns more fat than the person not drinking it. Thus, you are sure to lose weight by drinking green tea regularly.

The best feature of green brew is that it tends to reduce belly fat. All of us know that abdominal fat is quite harmful as it leads to type 2 diabetes, chronic condition, heart disease and inflammation.

Drinking Green Tea for Weight Loss  

To reap maximum benefit if weight loss from green blends, you should know the right process of consuming it. Green tea supplements have greater impact on weight loss than green blends. The way you brew green blends is what makes the difference. Never overheat the water because boiling damages catechins present in green tea. The best way is to boil water and rest it for a few minutes before adding it to tea. So, incorporate green brew in your diet and stay healthy and fit.