If you are asked to say some common questions about tea, what will be your subject? Quite naturally, you will put forward questions on flavor profiles and health benefits. Isn’t it? But, there are other common questions. Here we have made an attempt to answer some of these common questions. Want to know them? Take a quick glimpse…
  • How to store tea properly?
The prime thing to remember while storing tea is to avoid excess heat, air, light, moisture and strong aroma. These can get absorbed to the tea and degrade its quality. The best way to store it is to keep it in an airtight opaque container and put it in some dry cool place. Coffee or spice cabinet is a bad place for storing tea because of their scent.
  • How long tea remains good?
Fortunately, tea never spoils, if it is stored properly away from moisture, light and air. As you know most blends are seasonal and so, their flavor gradually loses and they become less fresh as they move away from the plucking date. General rule says if the tea leaf is large in size and tightly rolled, then it will remain fresh for a long time. Smaller broken leaves easily come in contact with air and hence, grow stale easily.
  • Is it necessary to refrigerate the tea?
Well, you do not have to store your tea in a refrigerator. Teas come in vacuum packets. So, they do not need to be kept in refrigerators. The first danger of keeping teas in refrigerator is, your refrigerator is full of other foods and therefore, the scent of the foods can be absorbed by the tea leaves. Secondly, whenever you bring out a chilled container of tea and open it, outside moisture condenses on the leaves. Thus, you add more moisture to your tea leaves.
  • Should we cover our cup while making tea?
Yes, you should cover your cup so that your tea remains hot. Most importantly, covering the cup will help you preserve its aroma. Do you know what the most exciting experience drinking tea is? Opening the cup cover for the first time and inhaling its aroma. It is really an incredible experience!!! Keeping the lid will give you the flavor of the brew in the initial few sips. Aren’t these some common questions that every tea drinker desires to know? Well, there are other questions like these as well which might crop up your mind.