Darjeeling tea, the Champagne of Teas, is a popular beverage. Whether a novice drinker or a connoisseur, everyone is eager to enjoy the enriching flavor and tantalizing aroma of Darjeeling blends. Sipping a cup of Darjeeling Tea, you can have the experience freshness of the Himalayan region. Such pure are Darjeeling brews! However, there are certain certifications that everyone needs to check while purchasing Darjeeling blends. They only certify the purity and freshness of the beverage from the hills of Himalayas. Let’s have a look at the certifications…
  • ETP or Ethical Tea Partnership
This is a not-for –profit membership organization. It works with tea companies and producers for improving sustainability and production of teas. In this attempt, the organization also helps in making the environment and lives of workers better. Many tea estates of Darjeeling have been certified by this organization.
  • UTZ Certification
This is a big program that certifies sustainable production of tea, coffee and cocoa. Companies having improved farm management and agricultural practice receive this certification. It also ensures development of living, environmental and social condition of tea gardens. Eligibility criteria of this certification are quite strict. A garden is certified only after critical scrutiny of every condition.
  • India Organic
Food products farmed organically receive India Organic Certification. It certifies that the organic product conforms to National Standards for Organic Products. According to this standard, raw materials used in manufacturing or the product are produced organically, without using any induced hormones, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Many Darjeeling tea estates are certified by this organization.
  • Rainforest Alliance
It is an NGO that works for preservation of biodiversity and ensures sustainable livelihood by converting practices of land use, consumer behavior and business practices. The organization has set some standard to conserve sustainability of wetlands, wildlife and to promote better living of the workers and the community as a whole.
  • Fair Trade
This certification is directly related to the product. It is intended to benefit the workers from producers share. The premium charged from buyers is directly transferred for the welfare of the garden and workers. Surplus from premium is spent on “social projects”. Many estates of Darjeeling are rewarded by this certification. So, these are few of the certifications that Darjeeling blends have received. Every tea garden might not have all certifications but ensure that Darjeeling tea from a garden has some approved certifications. If buying organic blends, you must check whether they have Organic certification.