Who doesn’t know why is Darjeeling famous for? Is there anyone who has not visited this beautiful hill station? Darjeeling is surrounded by some gorgeous tea plantations that add lush greenery and offer picturesque beauty to this hilly region.

Darjeeling is popular for its delicate flavored teas. Everywhere in this hilly region you will find a tea shop. Tea gardens are the greatest tourist attractions. People are tempted to the aroma of Darjeeling tea and tend to explore its different varieties.

Have a look at the four types of Darjeeling blends…

  • Black tea

Black blends are the highest consumed beverage across the world.  This variant is totally oxidized and completely dried under the sun. Leaves of black brews are split so that they can absorb more alcohol. Darjeeling is known to produce premium quality black teas. They are produced through orthodox method and have fruity, spicy, nutty and flowery taste.

  • Green tea

This blend has become one of the most popular drinks because of its immense health benefits. Strong antioxidants in this brew promote healthy heart and fight against cancer. Green tea of Darjeeling is steamed and dried. So, all natural chemicals are restored in the leaves, which contribute to the wellbeing of human health. There is one thumb-rule of drinking green tea. Do you know that? You should never consume green brew with milk.

  • Oolong tea

Oolong and Chinese teas are quite similar to one another. They lie in between black and green brews. Right from British times, when they bought Chinese seeds for tea cultivation, there are a few Chinese tea plantations still in Darjeeling. From these bushes, two varieties of oolong blends are produced – Chinese and Clonal.

  • White tea

If you are looking for a delicate variant in this beverage, then Darjeeling white blends are for you. This is the costliest variety and specially selected after being plucked from plantations. Tea when plucked is hand rolled and dried. Since it is least oxidized this variant of Darjeeling tea retains minerals and its organic property. The liquor obtained from white tea leaves is pale golden in color and has a natural sweetness.

So, you cannot afford to miss a cup of the most appreciated beverage – Darjeeling tea – in the world. Whether in Darjeeling or any part of the globe, you will get finest quality Darjeeling blends from reputed companies. Tourists crowding in this hilly region do not miss the chance of drinking the different varieties.