Are you a newbie in the beverage world? If so, then your palate is not definitely as trained as a tea connoisseur. Doesn’t matter! Even if you have not tasted a particular kind of tea earlier, you can determine many things just by relying on the senses. Believe in your instinct and take note of certain things. That’s all! Now, what are the things that you should notice? Learn about it right here… Things to Remember while Tasting Tea like a Pro
  • Observe the dry tea leaves
Before tasting anything, check the appearance of the blend. How do the leaves appear to you? Are they whole leaves or broken? Are there lots of tender buds?
  • Smell the aroma of dry leaves
Check whether you can detect any fragrance from the leaves. This can be hard for you. To make this easy, you can pre-heat any brewing vessel with hot water and then pour it out. Next add dry tea leaves and gently shake it. With the help of heat, leaves can release some aromatic compounds and you might detect its fragrance.
  • Brewing the tea
You can brew the tea, if you know the directions or follow the instructions of the vendor. Brewing in the right way is very important because when brewed properly, you can enjoy the original flavor and aroma of the blend.
  • Take a look at the liquor
How does your cup of brewed liquid look like? What is its color? Is it muddy or clear? Try to sense the aroma. You can also use aroma cups for this purpose, if you have any difficulty. This will help you to focus on your senses better.
  • Taste the blend
Finally, you can taste the tea brew. Drink in such a way that the tea touches every portion of your mouth so that you can effectively taste it. You can swish the tea round your mouth a little bit. Now, focus on how your mouth feels. Is it thin or thick? Are you feeling an astringent flavor? Tea tasting is indeed a complex task. Aromas of some blends will hot your right away while will linger till the end. How the tea makes you feel is a crucial part of the whole experience. Remember one thing that there is nothing called ‘a wrong answer’ in a tea tasting. Everyone can have different experience. In fact, it is always interesting to know others experience of drinking the same blend like you.