Almost all of us drink tea. But, how many of us ever think of the origin of this beverage? Do we ever think about the history of this beverage? No one spends even a single minute in thinking of these. What we concentrate on is – quality, variety and price of the beverage.

Here we will throw some light on the history and first variant of tea that human beings have relished…

Looking Back to the Origin of This Popular Beverage – TEA  

History of tea says that this beverage was discovered around 2737 BC by the then Emperor of China, Shen Nong. He had accidentally discovered tea. What is the story behind this? Lets us find out what it says.

The story says that leaves of Camellia Sinensis, harvested nearby, were blown by the wind and accidentally landed in a vessel full of boiling hot water. The Emperor liked the taste and smell of the brew so formed and this way the beverage was discovered.

However, the tea drunk by the Emperor was the purest since naturally dried leaves or fresh leaves floated on boiling. This is very much different from the tea we drink. Blends of today are produced after modern refined processing through drying, rolling and other advanced methods of manufacturing that a company adopts. If you want that same blend, it is simply impossible.

Therefore, the experience that the Emperor had is exclusive. Some avid tea drinkers can only imagine how that experience would have been and only imitate it.

If you want to experience the taste of purest form of this beverage just like mankind first relished, you should pick white blends. White brews are least processed and are least exposed to sun for drying and hence, they have certain purity which is absent in black teas as they are the most processed ones.

So, want to take the pleasure of tea similar to the Emperor Shen Nong? Think no further! Just choose white tea. Sipping a cup of white brew you will enjoy the flavor and taste of pure beverage like the Emperor.

Remember one thing that to have the greatest pleasure of drinking any variety of tea, you should brew it cold. You will find a lot of difference in their flavors when they are brewed in boiling water. Thus, maintaining the right temperature and water quality together with best quality tea is necessary to have authentic taste of tea.