I just love to drink Assam CTC tea!!! Don’t you? Well, there are many drinkers who love Assam blends a lot but do not have a clear notion of what CTC is. Is that totally wrong? Hope not. What do you mean by CTC Assam? In Assam, tea is produced from the plant called Camellia Sinensis Assamica. Now, all teas in this region are not manufactured in the same way. There is an Orthodox method and a CTC method. CTC stands for ‘Crush Tear Curl’. Assam CTC often contains blends from different plantations. After steeping Assam CTC, you will get amber colored liquor with a malty flavor. It is especially for the drinkers who love strong black tea. A mistake that you can often make with any kind of tea is its storage. It often happens that when you first start brewing a blend, you are mesmerized with its tantalizing aroma, rich flavor and freshness. But with time, it is all gone. Why the same tea tastes so dull after a few days of opening it? The reason is pretty simple – you have not stored it properly. Same thing can happen with Assam CTC tea and you might lose its distinct flavor after some days. So, let us save you from such dreadful experience. Proper Storage of Assam CTC Tea Do you know that any kind of odor, sunlight, temperature, air and humidity can easily affect tea? So, follow these tips for storing it.
  • Store in airtight container
Store loose Assam tea in an airtight container or in some sealable zipper pouch. Exposing it to air will ruin its taste and produce unpleasant flavor.
  • Do not let direct sunlight fall on it
Never use a transparent glass jar for storing Assam CTC or any kind of tea because direct exposure to sunlight lightens the blends and adversely affects its flavor.
  • Do not store tea in a warm place
Do not ever keep tea near an oven or gas burner since proximity to high temperature will affect its physical and chemical properties adversely and will degrade its flavor.
  • Keep away from objects having strong odor
If you keep loose Assam tea near an object with strong odor, it can develop an unpleasant taste.
  • Do not expose tea in humid conditions
Dry leaves can absorb moisture and hence, will emit mossy aroma and undesirable taste in Assam CTC tea. Store tea in cool and dry place. If you follow these simple rules, you can enjoy Assam CTC tea to the fullest…