If you love to have a good cup of tea always, then you will definitely like to store tea leaves properly. Most of you face the problem with proper storage of loose leaves to preserve their intense aroma and flavor and freshness. Just like any beverage, premium tea also needs some special approach when it about storing tea properly. Dried leaves of high quality blends, whether in bags or loose ones, lose their aroma and flavor quickly and hence, can ruin your pleasure of having a cup of hot tea. Thus, it is essential that you know some simple yet tricky rules of storing tea to enjoy its prolonged freshness and flavor. A Few Simple Storage Solutions to Keep Your Aromatic Leaves in Shape  
  • Keep the Leaves Dry
Moist environment brings disaster for this beverage. They can become damp, so you should store teas – both loose varieties and bagged ones – away from moist places. Places like counters near the stove, under the sink, near your dishwasher should be avoided. It is for this same reason that tea storage in refrigerator is not at all advisable.
  • Store in a Place Having Fairly Constant Temperature
Excessive heat can damage your flavorful blends, so store these delicious varieties far from direct exposure to light. You should keep teas in cabinets near oven, HVAC systems or windows where sunlight comes directly. Why don’t you create a rack or drawer for your selection of blends? If you buy teas in small quantities, spice racks will work best for storage.
  • Store Teas Separately
Do not make the mistake of putting your favorite beverage with other items like coffee, spices or foods having fragrance. It is because tea quickly absorbs the smell of other aromatic things and loses its authentic fragrance. Laundry detergents, scented dryers or bottles or cleaning agents are all harmful for the blends. How will you feel if your second flush Darjeeling tea starts tasting like BBQ potato chips? Therefore, to avoid these disappointing situations store your blends separately. It is true that you can store teas for a prolonged time but it is best to consume every blend for a year. Why? It is simply because with time, health benefits and aroma of all varieties of teas start deteriorating. So, it is wise to buy in small quantities so that you can use it up quickly instead of buying in bulk or many types at a time. Hope you understand…