White tea stands out from other blends of the tea industry. This “silver needle” tea is regarded as the wine in global beverage market. Do you know why? Here we will find out why this blend is so much favorite to tea drinkers globally.


Silver needle white tea at times originates on mountain tops. They are harvested on the onset of spring and their buds are not processed, they are hand dried. This variant has the unique smell of Jasmine. When the leaves become dry, they are covered with jasmine so that its smell naturally infuses with the blend. Thus, this tea produces distinct light liquor with subtle perfumed flavor which is very soothing to your senses. This brew is just a perfect companion for relaxation after a hectic day.

White tea is a healthy substitute to port wine. Further, health benefits of this brew also make it favorite to all drinkers.


Here are some reasons why you should drink this beverage…

  • White blends are a treat to the taste buds. Besides providing a tantalizing flavor, it also boosts up immunity.


  • White brew has catechins similar to that of green tea. These catechins are a great cleaning agent and also help in metabolizing toxins and impurities. A distinct floral flavor of white brews distinguishes it from green blends.


  • Silver needle blends are good for diabetic patients since it lowers glucose level in blood. In addition, it also lowers cholesterol level and improves the health of heart.


  • Drinking white tea everyday controls body fat as it increases metabolism.


Earlier white brews were steamed but now, they are dried. With time, brewing and manufacturing process is changing drastically. Present white needle blend of premium quality has certain characteristics like –

  • They are soft to touch
  • They do not have stems or leaves
  • Their buds are evenly shaped
  • They are covered with white hair all over

However, white tea today is a popular beverage to global drinkers. Whether it is just for relaxation or concoction or kitty party, silver needle is a must! It has now preferred more than wine because white brew is healthier and cheaper. You can satiate your craving without doing any harm to yourself. Another enticing thing is that silver needle white tea is available in a great variety of flavors.

So, don’t hesitate! Taste it at least once from a renowned tea company!