Colors of Darjeeling tea! You must be wondering what they are. People are generally accustomed with green and black teas of different companies. But, there are varied hues of Darjeeling tea leaves that most drinkers do not know.

You will be definitely surprised and delighted at the same time to know the diverse colors of tea leaves. All kinds of Darjeeling blends do not have the same appearance. Some are processed as oolong brews, some as green teas and some as white blends. Hues of the leaves can be dull green, dark brown and rust or red. You can see these varied colors after steeping the leaves when they absorb water. They then regain their actual size.

What gives the distinguishing colors of the tea leaves?

Now, why is this variation in color? Is it that the leaves undergo some special modes of processing that make the leaves acquire a particular color? Or is it that colors are mixed in different batches and mixed together?

  • Well, it is the age of tea plant that makes this difference in color.

There are numerous estates in the Himalayan region manufacturing tea. Not all the tea plants growing and harvested in the gardens of Darjeeling are of the same age. Some are century old while others are some years old. Therefore, leaves of these plants are oxidized at various rates.

  • Oxidization rate also creates the difference in color of Darjeeling teas. Almost all variants of Darjeeling tea are oxidized to some extent.
  • Others say that leaf quality determines their color. This might or might not be related with the age of their tea plants from where they are produced.
  • Some vendors are of the opinion that difference in color of tea leaves is because of their blending. You will find that Darjeeling brews are a blend of varied teas oxidized to the level of black, oolong and green brews.

Whatever may be the cause, you cannot deny that Darjeeling tea leaves when steeped obtain fruity flavored liquor which is unparallel in the world of beverage. Its unique flavor sways the mind of every drinker. Darjeeling tea is rightly called the “Champagne of Teas”.

To witness the difference in colors of Darjeeling leaves, you have to visit the different estates in this Himalayan region. So, it is a good idea to plan a tour to these beautiful hills of the Himalayas and check out its spectacular tea gardens.