Second-flush teas are mainly produced in Darjeeling, Nilgiri, and Assam in India. They have a rich flavour and unique characteristics. They are plucked in the early summer season when the leaves are in their second flush of growth. Thus, the flavour of these teas is completely different from first flush teas.    

Flavour profile: Darjeeling second flush teas are known to have muscatel flavours, while Assam second flush teas have a malty profile. The deep and rich taste is often a favourite of tea connoisseurs and for people looking to enjoy the complex flavours.

Aroma: Due to their growth and harvest in summers, second flush tea leaves have a fruity or flowery scent. Experiencing this aroma can be unique, completely different from the ones you get when taking in the scent of other tea types. 

Caffeine content: Second flush tea has minimal amounts of caffeine that is perfect when you want a gentle lift in energy levels.

Mindfulness and tea: A harmonious union

Mindfulness teaches people to focus on the present moment without any form of judgement. With this practice, you can experience a heightened sense of self, awareness, emotions, and thoughts. When practised regularly, mindfulness activities can fill you with calmness and help achieve inner peace. It also provides significant mental clarity. When combined with the act of brewing and savouring second flush tea, mindfulness takes on a transformative quality.


  • Tea brewing ritual: When you make a fresh cup of second flush tea, the steps along the way can lead to mindfulness and a sense of calm. Pay close attention to each step in the process. From measuring out the tea leaves, to bringing the water to boil and steeping the leaves, all of it can have an extremely calming effect on you.
  • Sensory exploration: As you sip your tea, truly experience its aroma, temperature, and taste. Let the flavours stay on your palate and feel the muscatel and sweet notes. This sensory exploration allows you to fully immerse yourself in the present moment.
  • Breath awareness: Breathe in the flavours of the tea, every time you inhale. The deep breaths should help calm you down and relieve any stress. The rich aroma of the second flush tea will help your mind focus on the flavour profile of the tea more, ensuring complete relaxation.  
  • Mindful pause: Another way to ensure mindfulness is to turn off all digital devices while drinking your cup of tea. Rather than being distracted by your phone, simply enjoy sipping the drink. Such a time of peace and quiet can really have a calming effect on you.    
  • Gratitude: Be thankful for the experience of sipping from a cup of freshly made and hot second flush tea. Being grateful for these little moments can help achieve mindfulness and bring inner peace. 


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